Factory Lowest Price Laboratory Automatic Suppository Filling Making Forming Machine

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Product Overview


Factory Lowest Price Laboratory Automatic Suppository Filling Making Forming Machine

Product Description



Factory Price automatic boric borac acid vaginal suppositories pharmaceutical equipment suppository filling


ZONELINK 7L Suppositories Production line welded flat, with no edge, slag and splash.

The whole machine is treated with reliable rust. The surface of the equipment is 304 stainless steel. It is smooth and easy to clean.


Components, accessories and motors and so on should adopt domestic and foreign premium brands.


Ensure the appearance of the equipment and smooth operation.

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Factory Price automatic boric borac acid vaginal suppositories pharmaceutical equipment suppository filling

 Suppositories Production line a stable and efficient manufacturing process, filling, freezing, sealing and other production processes to complete the whole process, and the production capacity is 10,00-15,000 grain/hour.

Suppository molds


Technical parameter

Tank Volume10L30L50L70L
Air Con sumplion1.5m31.5m31.5m31.5m3
Working Power3 Phase 380V3 Phase 380V3 Phase 380V3 Phase 380V
Suitable SuppositoriesBullet shape.duck mouth shape and other shapes
Overall Dimensions(L)60000mm*(W)2000mm*(H)2100mm
Suitable MaterialSynthetic fany acid glycerides gelaxin polythylene glycol (peg) and so on

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How to get in touch with us

Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in October 2001,up to now has several years of professional production experience and perfect testing means.The company is located in China's earliest engaged in the centrifuge production liaoyang city,liaoning province,and covers an area of ten thousand square meters.They are specialized engaged in the centrifuge equipment and pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing enterprises.


Factory overview

The company specializes in the manufacture and research of suppository filling machines. It has developed and manufactured high-tech semi-automatic suppository filling machines and fully automatic suppository filling machines. It has more than 100 advanced large-scale production equipment in the industry and more complete testing methods. Greatly guarantee the product quality of the equipment components and the complete machine assembly.

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 The products have been widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,food and many other industries.The products were exported to America,Mexico,Belgium,Romania,Thailand,Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,South Korea,Vietnam,Venezuela,etc.With reliable quality and excellent after-sales service,the company won the support and praise of the broad masses of overseas customers.

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The series CE certification

Technical strength is the core competitiveness of enterprises,
Design optimization and process support are the soul of mechanical product quality.Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery and equipment factory relying on the international market,In the technical team and workshop production equipment invested heavily, by virtue of strength and determination to build the value of suppository filling machines brand, build national brand.We have to do is 1 + 1 = maximum, through the technical optimization, so that each suppository filling machines part of the most perfect performance experience.




A. Stable delivery time
Our plant large-scale production, suppository filling machines supply capacity is verystrong, very much shipments, delivery is very fast.

B. Issued product quality standards
From the material accessories selection, manufacturing paint links, to the installation and commissioning, repeated experiments,layers of quality control, to ensure that qualified suppository filling machines products

C. Traffic conditions are very convenient
We are located in the transport hub, land transport, water transport, shipping conditions are very convenient to ensure that transport costs are reasonable, adequate transport time.

D. Product packaging material selection, good protection products
Finished suppository filling machines products immediately outside the anti-rusttreatment,and the use of plastic packaging for further protection, delivery using thick wood, steel frame protection,and other diversified packaging conditions to ensure that products in the long sea is not affected.




Is it independent research and development production?

We have a strong technical team and a complete modern production workshop for

suppository filling machines,and has a number of patented technology.

Whether to provide quality assurance and complete after-sales support?
Our suppository filling machines warranty period is 12 months, if necessary,

support the site installation, commissioning, technical guidance,and after-sales maintenance support.

Is it possible to deliver in time?

Our manufactory is very high degree of modernization, brand positioning the global market,

production capacity is very strong, conventional models try to ensure that the spot.


Whether to support OEM services, custom processing?

We have always been in the principle of customer first,

you can tailor the design and provide a set of solutions.


Is the machine voltage adjustable and the pressure is adequate?

The suppository filling machines motor uses three-phase power and the voltage is set according to your local voltage.

Is it possible to visit your factory? Is the traffic convenient?

Our factory is located in China's Liaoning Province,
Liaoyang City Taizihe Development Zone, sea and air traffic conditions are very convenient.



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