high grade factory price waterproof melamine wood panels 12 mm 25mm particle board moistureproof

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Product Overview


Product and company introduction

Product Description

Particle board(MDP)

Particleboard, also known as particle board and bagasse board, is a wood-based board made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, bonded under the action of heat and pressure after applying an adhesive, also known as particle board. It is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, train and automobile carriage manufacturing. Since particle board has a relatively uniform structure and good processing properties, it can be machined into an argeformat panel as needed. It is a better raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished particle board does not need to be dried again, can be used directly, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

Product name
Particle board/chipboard
Regular size
1220*2440mm,2745*1830mm(6*9feet),3050*1220mm(4*10feet),2460*2200mm(7*8feet),can be customized
Melamine/Veneer surface, matt,embossed, glossy, leather,wave,synchronize etc
Surface finished
One side/Two size melamine surface finished
Edge band
PVC edge produced in our factory, and colors will be same with the board
Formaldehyde Emission Standard
Technical Parameter
Moisture content:≦8%
Water Absorption:≦10%
Modulus of Elasticity:≧2800Mpa
Static Bending Strength:≧25Mpa
Surface Bonding Strength:≧1.5Mpa
Internal Bonding Strength:≧0.8Mpa
Screw Holding Ability
Payment term
by Alibaba trade assurance or bank transfer,30% as deposit,balance paid before shipment
Melamine paper color
Solid color(grey,white,black,red,blue,orange,green,yellow etc)
Wood grain(beech,cherry,walnut,teak,oak,maple,sapele,wenge,rosewood etc)
Cloth grain&Marble grain,more than 1000 color for your choose.
Free sample
Available,buyer just need to pay shipping cost
1*20GP container
Packaging Details
480 pcs-1220*2440*18mm without pallet packing in 20GP
400 pcs-1220*2440*18mm with pallet packing in 20GP
Production capacity
300000pcs per month
If broken,we'll send you new one in next order
kitchen cabinets,wardrobe door,shoes cabinet,TV cabinet,furniture,decorative,construction etc

Laminate thermoforming process :
Hot pressing is a process of heating and pressing the slab after paving to form a fiber board with certain mechanical strength and water resistance. Whether it is wet production of rigid or semi-rigid boards, or dry production of rigid or medium density boards, hot pressing is required to become a board.

Free to choose wood veneer pattern :

Decorative layer pattern
wooden grain / marble stone /cloth grain /customize parttern

Application Scene

Interiors Decoration :
wall decor /floor decor /wardrobe decor
tables /office furniture /kitchen

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The first stage is the preheating and preloading stage. The main purpose of this stage is to melt the resin, remove volatiles, impregnate the fibers, and gradually solidify the resin to a gel state. The molding pressure at this stage is 1/3-1/2 of the full pressure.
The intermediate heat preservation stage. The role of this stage is to cure the tape at a lower reaction rate. During the heat preservation process, close attention should be paid to the flow of the resin. When the flowing resin has gelled and cannot be drawn into filaments, full pressure should be applied immediately.
The heating stage. The purpose is to increase the reaction temperature and accelerate the curing speed. At this time, the heating rate should not be too fast, otherwise it will cause violent aggregation, so that the exothermic heat of the curing reaction is too concentrated, resulting in delamination between the material layers.

Hot pressing and heat preservation stage. The purpose is to allow the resin to be sufficiently cured. From the application of full pressure to the end of the entire hot pressing, it is called the hot pressing stage. The time from reaching the specified hot pressing temperature to the end of hot pressing is called constant temperature time. The temperature, pressure and constant temperature time of the hot pressing stage are also determined by the formula.
Cooling stage. In the case of maintaining pressure, take natural cooling or forced cooling to room temperature, then release the pressure and take out the product. If the cooling time is too short, it is easy to cause warping and cracking of the product. If the cooling time is too long, it will not help the product quality obviously, but it will obviously reduce the production efficiency.

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