Good quality AC Withstand Voltage Tester IDI6104BH 5000V 40mA 200VA Hipot Tester

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Product Overview


Good quality AC Withstand Voltage Tester  IDI6104BH  Hipot Tester


Function Features

Meet requirements in CCC, IEC, EN, VDE, BS, GS, UL and other general electrical safety standard requirements;

• High test precision. Basic precision of safety test is up to 1%;

There are 10 test memories, and each memory contains 8 test steps.

Test voltage can be controlled to ramp and descent (Time setting is adjustable), so as to meet different test demands.

      •Key indicators can be set with high and low limit. Automatic diagnosis helps to prevent missed test;

• Have high voltage electric shock circuit, real-time detection circuit; prevent to get an electric shock damage, to ensure the safety of personnel;

      • PLC interface, USB interface, alarm lamp interface (optional), RS232 communication function (optional RS485) and other interface functions are rich to meet the requirements of automatic test.

Technical Specification

Working Condition

Working Power Supply


Environment Temperature


Environment humidity


Display Mode


Over Current Protection

Fuse, Software Protection

Alarm Mode

Voice and light alarm:Buzzer, Indicator light

Test Memories

10 Memories, 8steps/memory


PLC Interface

start/stop/ test/pass/fail

USB Interface

Store test data



Dimension (mm)




Test method

Cold state

Rated Output

200VA (AC:5000V/40mA)

Output Voltage Wave, Adjusting Rate

Sine wave,<2% of setting +5V(from zero to full load)

Output Voltage Setup Range


Output Voltage Accuracy

±(1% of setting +3V)

Output Frequency


Start Voltage

(0~50%)×output voltage setting

Alarm Current

Upper/Lower limit:0.000-3.999-40.00mA

Current Offset

0.000-2.000mA  Auto/Manual

Current Measurement Range / Resolution

0.010-3.999-40.00mA              0.001mA/0.01mA

Current Measurement Accuracy

±(1% of reading +3 counts)

Ramp Time/Descent time


Test Time Setup Range

0.0,0.1-999.9S   0.0= continuous

Time Accuracy

±(0.1% of setting +0.05s)

ARC detection (optional)

0-9 level,9 level is the most sensitive,0 is off


0.0089 s.