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Product Overview



1. Production line description

Line namePC bar special production line
Line working type

Full digital automatic control, on - line marking, 

continuous working system, by changing coils can achieve 

4 specifications of the exchange.

Line quantity2 lines
Feed direction:

Production line transmission direction is left inlet or right inlet 
Means operator standing in operation side, facing the production 

line, inlet direction: from left to right(or from right to left);normally 

1 left inlet 1 right inlet:φ7.1mm 1 line;φ7.1,9.0,10.7 mm 1 line

(need other spare parts)

1.1 Line products:
Material diameter:φ8~φ14mm
Raw materials for steel grade:30MnSi.Comply with GT/B24587-2009 standards (chemical composition P < 0.035 S < 0.040)
Product specification: φ7.1~φ12.6mm meet the manufacturing standard requirements of GB/T5223.3 2017
1.2 Hourly output    
Φ 7.1 mm specification rated output: 2.07 tons/hour
Φ 9.0 mm specification rated output: 3.0 tons/hour
Φ10.7mm specification rated output: 3.1 tons/hour
Φ12.6mm specification rated output: 2.9 tons/hour
1.7 Running speed:
Φ 7.1 mm specifications, the rated running speed is 110mm /min
Φ 9.1 mm specifications, the rated running speed is 100mm /min
Φ 10.7 mm specifications, the rated running speed is 75m/min
Φ 12.6 mm specifications, the rated running speed is 50m/min

1.3 Heating temperature:
1st heating furnace exit quenching temperature: 720-760 ℃ ;
2nd heating furnace exit quenching temperature: 820-870 ℃;
3rd heating furnace exit quenching temperature: 910-950 ℃
4th heating furnace exit tempering temperature: 420-480 ℃
1.4 Power consumption/ton:
Φ 7.1 mm specifications,rated speed tonnage electricity consumption is less than 430 kwh/ ton;
Φ 9.0 mm specifications, rated speed tonnage electrical consumption is less than 370 kwh/ ton;
Φ 10.7 mm specifications rated speed tonnage electrical consumption is less than 360 kwh/ ton;
Φ 12.6 mm specifications rated speed tonnage electrical consumption is less than 350 kwh/ ton;
1.5 Water quality requirements:
The process cooling water meets requirement of dc cooling water in”GB/T14848-93 industrial water quality standard“
Power cooling water meets the requirements of circulating cooling water and system cooling water in”GB/ t14848-93 industrial water quality standard“
1.6 Process cooling water parameters:
≥160 m3/hour, pressure≥0.25mpa, 25 ℃≤water temperature ≤ 35 ℃.The interface pipe diameter is 5 inches (the supplier provides the schematic diagram of the system)
1.7 Cooling water parameters of power supply:
≥100 m3/hour, pressure 0.15-0.25 Mpa , 20℃≤water temperature≤40 ℃;Interface pipe diameter is 8 pieces of 1.5 inches.All pipes shall be made of stainless steel or PPR/PVC (the inner diameter of the interface must the same) (the supplier provide the schematic diagram of the system)
1.8 Compressed air requirements:
The dosage of each line is 3m3/min and the pressure is 0.5-0.7Mpa
Compressed air quality: GB/ T13277-91” general compressed-air quality grade“
Equipped gas storage tank: 1 m3/ line;
1.9 Power supply requirements:
The standard capacity of each production line is 1250kVA, AC380V 50Hz
2 production lines suggest a 2500KVA transformer

2.Line composition (one production line standard configuration) and process flow
2.1 Online equipment
Hot-rolled wire rod→pay off→ HHT-LXB→mechanical derusting→drawing ( notch groove)shape→more rollers straightening wire feed→steel brush clean→ forward pull traction device →medium frequency preheating (10 KHZ)→ super audio heating (40 KHZ)→ super audio heating (50 KHZ)→quenching tank (with gas blowing)→ intermediate tempering (8 KHZ)→ tempering water tank (with gas blowing)→back pull traction device→ cutting→ take-up in 1 #, 2 # machine→packing→test→packaging warehousing.



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Q1. Which countries your products are exported to?
Our products are sold all over the world and with related certifications.


Q2. How about the warranty?
One year guarantee, anything componets broken ,seller will provide at free.


Q3. How to install your machine?
Seller provides the instrucion and electrical blueprint of the machine, the seller engineers supervise
the installation on site and fulfil the adjustment.


Q4. What are the terms of payment?
T/T, L/C or other ways.


Q5. How long is the production cycle ?
About one month.


Q6. What is your nature of your company: dealer or factory ?
We are manufacturer and have a big factory ,warmly welcome to visit our factory and contact us.



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