Addressable Sounder And Flash Strobe Led Light For Fire Alarm System

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Product Description

Product Description:
TCSG5226 Sounder Strobe is connected with alarm controller by four bus. It is mainly installed in public places.
When a fire occurs, the fire audible and visual alarm produces dazzling light and gives alarm sound, which is used as fire alarm.
Its built-in microprocessor, with independent measurement and processing functions. The collected information is processed by fuzzy logic, and all kinds of measurement data are transmitted to the alarm controller, and the controller can judge the state, so as to send out alarm information quickly and accurately.
The fire sound and light alarm adopts the plug and dial structure, which has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient installation and beautiful appearance. It is a fire alarm device with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability
* Adopt four bus: two bus for non-polar signal, two bus for non-polar DC24V power supply
* Built-in microprocessor, with intelligent judgment ability
* Using electronic code to set the address, no DIAL switch, in the structure to increase the tightness
* Self-diagnosis function ensures its reliable operation
* State signal value can be provided to directly reflect the current working state of the audible
and visual alarm
* Software and hardware multistage filtering can effectively suppress interference signals
* When the fire audible and visual alarm is activated, it can emit strong light and produce harsh alarm sound


Model Number
Product name
Addressable Sounder Strobe
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Liaoning, China
Operating voltage
Monitor Current
Starting Current
Sound Level
75dB ~ 115dB
Pitch shift periodic
3.5s ~ 4.5s
Basic flashing frequency
1Hz ~ 2Hz
Coding method
Electronically coding
wiring system
Non-polar signal two bus, non-polar DC24V power two bus
Code range
1 ~ 255
Dimension (L×W×H)
About 200g
Temperature range
-10℃ ~ 55℃
Relative humidity
5 to 95%,non-condensing

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Standard safety export package / carton (Box + Foam)
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