Ion Exchange Resin For Water Softening Equal To Purolite C100 Cation Resin

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Ion Exchange Resin For Water Softening Equal To Purolite C100 Cation Resin

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This product is styrene and divinyl benzene cross linked copolymer molecule with sulfonic acid group ion exchange resin. It’s acidity is equal to sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid’s.It has the features of high strength and high exchange capacity.

Corresponding foreign mark:  

Purolite C100E; Amberlite SR1L; Lewatit S100LF; Dow Dowex HCR-S(E)S



Total exchange capacity (mmol/g) (dry)

≥4.5 Na

Volume complete exchange capacity(mmol/ml)


Moisture content (%)


Bulk density (g/ml)


Specific density(g/ml)


Effective grain size(mm)


Uniform coefficient


Particle size(%)



Sphericity after abrasion(%)


Ionic form:Na+

Appearance: gold yellow to tan sphericity particles


Mainly used for water softening,pure water preparation, hydrometallurgy, rare metal separation, antibiotics,etc.







Q: Does your ion exchange resin has any certification to ensure quality?
A: Our ion exchange resin is in compliance with US NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It has excellent chemical, physical and thermal stability.

Q: What is COMCESS inspection process for ion exchange resin?
A: Raw Material Inspection - Production Process Inspection - Factory Inspection - Parallel Sample Tracking System.

Q: What’s the delivery time of 1x20FCL container loading order?
A: Within 30 days after receipt of prepayment.

Q: What is the warranty time of your ion exchange resin?
A: One year in cool and ventilated storage conditions.

Q: How many times can we regenerate the resin?
A: For home water softener, the regeneration time is 500-1,000; For industrial use, it depends on different input water and working conditions. With your data details, our engineers will work out regeneration solution for you.

Q: What is life time for your ion exchange resin?
A: The concentration of chloride ion and iron ion in water will shorten the resin’s life time. In general, for household water filter systems, the life time is 8-10 year.

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