12v 24v Bldc Micro Portable Brushless Water Pump For Self-cleaning Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat,Smart Bathtub Water Pump

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12v 24v Bldc Micro Portable Brushless Water Pump For Self-cleaning Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat,Smart Bathtub Water Pump

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Products Description

Our BL series brushless DC motor water pump design features small canned DC motor centrifugal pumps controlled by FOC solution. They are designed to be highly efficient, quiet and compact. A variety of features, including a static seal design to prevent leakage, flexible speed control to be integrated with customers’ different systems, which enable the BLDC pumps to meet a full spectrum of user needs, with emphasis on energy saving, intelligent control and free of maintenance.

Low maintenance costs - Superior engineering combined with built-in safety, BL series BLDC motor pumps is designed to last the life of your system; no service calls or parts kits required.

Ease of integration - BLDC motors with intelligent drive, speed can easily be adjusted to meet different systems’ requirement.

Stable operation - BL’s optimized DC motor pump design greatly eliminate harmonics generation and the harmful heat generated by eddy current, hysteresis, which ensure the DC water pump operating in the healthy(non-overheated) environment, and long working life(25K hours) can be guaranteed.

Reduce system noise - With documented sound levels at 35 dB or lower, BL series brushless DC motor pump allows for whisper-quiet operation.

Under/Over voltage
Over current
Dry run
Phase loss
Locked rotor protection

Typical Applications
Equipment cooling: chiller, laser cutting machine, industrial equipment

Automotive: bus air conditioner, engine cooling, electric car thermal management system, electric car radiators, electric car heaters

Kitchen/bathroom device: smart bidet, dish washing machine

Agriculture: irrigation

Fuel cells: Cogeneration systems (cooling and circulation)

Medical: Biochemical analysis, cooling systems, patient temperature management cooling for laser treatment

Physical/chemical analysis: Thermostats, pure water equipment, different types of analyzers

Photo: Automatic film developing machines, X-ray film developing machines

Semiconductors: Semiconductor cooling systems

Surface treatment: Small plating machines

Solar power systems: Electric water heaters, solar battery heat collectors

Max flow(L/Minute)
Max head(M)
Note: The pump noise 36dB is at 0 meter from the pump; at one meter, the pump noise is around 32 dB. The mute room background noise is 29dB.

Pump dimension and weight
Pump inlet size and type
28.7mm barb connection
Pump outlet size and type
29.2mm barb connection
Pump control
FOC DC motor pump control solution
Pump material
PPE+30% fibre
Pumping medium
Pure water, anti-freeze liquid, acid solution, alkali solution
Ambient temperature
-40℃ to 70℃
Liquid temperature
-40℃ to 100℃
Operating voltage range
18V-28V DC
Waterproof rating
Life span
25000 hours
Power supply
DC power supply, battery, solar panel
Under/Over voltage,Over current,Dry run, Phase loss,Locked rotor
Speed adjustment
1200 turns to 6500 turns per minute adjustable
Speed feedback
Pump can output speed info

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