CPVC pipes, fittings and valves for industrial and chemical equipment installation (ANSI standard /DIN standard)

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CPVC material properties CPVC resin is made of chlorinated modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and is a new type of engineering plastic. The product is white or light yellow odorless, odorless, non-toxic loose granules or powder. When the PVC resin is chlorinated, the molecular bond irregularity increases, the polarity increases, the solubility of the resin increases, and the chemical stability increases, thereby improving the heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali, salt, oxidant, etc. of the material. corrosion. Increased numerical mechanical properties of heat distortion temperature, chlorine content increased from 56.7% to 63-69%, Vicat softening temperature from 72-82 °C, (up to 90-125 °C), maximum operating temperature up to 110 °C, The long-term use temperature is 95 °C. CPVC is a new type of engineering plastic with broad application prospects.                   Applicable to: I. Industrial and fluid pipeline systems (metal processing, electroplating plants, pharmaceutical and refinery acid and alkali liquid transport textile mills, tannery bleaching, dyeing and acid-base pipeline mines, metallurgical plants and fertilizer plants residues and Discharge ionizing water flow treatment system of slurry pipeline semiconductor manufacturing plant, water supply, water distribution and cooling water pipeline system) Second, food processing and treatment (fish farms and fish-eating seawater and freshwater blending pipelines, brine pipeline systems, dairy products, canning and beverage piping systems) Third, the general use occasions (pool and hot spring pipelines, garbage dump, methane recovery pipeline system, groundwater drainage pipeline, air conditioning system, pipeline drinking water distribution pipeline system) 4. Pulp and papermaking (aluminum and caustic soda piping systems for chlorine dioxide and chlor-alkali plants) 5. Water supply and sewage treatment (chlorine injection system, aluminum chloride and ferric chloride liquid flow pipeline sedimentation tank and filtration pipeline recovery water treatment pipeline) 6. Irrigation (Golf Farm Greenhouse Agriculture, Business) 7. Unusable occasions (not applicable to compressed air or compressed gas) CPVC chlorinated polyvinyl chloride working temperature -20 ° C ~ 95 ° C(CPVC)-01_.jpg(CPVC)-02_.jpg(CPVC)-03_.jpg(CPVC)-04_.jpg(CPVC)-05_.jpg(CPVC)-06_.jpg(CPVC)-07_.jpg(CPVC)-08_.jpg(CPVC)-09_.jpg(CPVC)-10_1.jpg12CPVC 001.jpg12CPVC 006.jpgCPVC 030.jpgIMG_20170504_160639.jpgCPVC 030.jpgCPVC 007.jpgCPVC 005.jpgCPVC 001.jpgCPVC 030.jpg

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