High flow metering peristaltic pump,Large displacement peristaltic pump

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Product Overview


Product Description


Flow Parameter

Pump Head:YZ35*(1, 2)

Hose Specification:73# 82#

Flow Range (ml/min):400-12000/single passage

Speed Range:40~600 rpm

Display Mode:4-digit LED digital tube displays the current speed

Timing Error:0.1s

Timing Range:1s-99 hours 59 minutes 59s

External Control Function:Passive signal control: start-stop control and direction control

Applicable Power Supply:AC90-265V 50/60Hz

Working Environment:Temperature 0-40℃, Humidity <80%

Drive weight:10.5KG

Speed Resolution:1rpm

External Control Interface: 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-10KHz

Timing Display Resolution:1s

Work Mode:Speed mode, Flow Mode, Timing Mode

Communication Function:RS485

Power Consumption:<400W

Dimension (L×W×H):348×242×212(mm)

IP level:IP31

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Usually we send the goods by EMS/DHL/SEA, if you want ship by any ways please feel free to contact us.
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Company Information

About Us



Baoding Rongbai Constant Flow Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Baoding City high-tech enterprise gathering area Diangu Technology Center.


Business philosophy:

Baoding Rongbai Constant Flow Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with the core of R&D, production and sales of precision fluid transmission technology and equipment, focusing on precision fluid transmission solutions. After years of painstaking research and experience accumulation, with the spirit of craftsmanship, the "Rongbai Constant Flow Pump" brand was created, based in Greater China and gradually entering the global market, determined to become an international first-line brand.


Main products and application areas:

Rongbai company’s main products: peristaltic pumps, laboratory syringe pumps, industrial syringe pumps, micro gear pumps, micro plunger pumps, filling systems, etc. We can customize and design OEM supporting products according to the actual needs of customers. Rongbai series products are widely used in environmental protection engineering, pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, scientific experiment, water treatment, food industry and many general fields.


R & D strength:

Rongbai has strong R&D strength, superb manufacturing technology and strict quality inspection standards to ensure stable product quality, with an annual output of tens of thousands of peristaltic pumps. Rongbai constant flow pump has a number of independent intellectual property rights and self-operated import and export rights, and can maintain the rate of research and development of 3-5 new products per year. It has become an OEM service provider for many domestic benchmarking enterprises, and is involved in precise pumping, transfer, and distribution. The field of process units such as installation has been unanimously recognized by many enterprises and institutions!


Corporate culture: integrate core technology, gather professional talents, and promote craftsmanship

Entrepreneurship: professional, Concentration, focus, dedicated



We always take "providing high-quality products, non-contact hose transmission technology and professional after-sales service to the market" as our own responsibility, and recommend more cost-effective precision fluid transmission solutions for you. We will strictly follow the ISO9001 standard for design and manufacturing, adhering to the service tenet of “professional, Concentration, focus, dedicated" and wholeheartedly provide every user with cost-effective products, knowledge and services. We will strictly rely on authoritative third-party testing and certification. , Continuously improve product adaptability to meet various demanding application requirements.


Warm tips


(1)Usually we send the goods by EMS/DHL/SEA, if you want ship by any ways please feel free to contact us.
(2) A tracking number will send to you after your order has been shipped
(3) Delivery: Small orders will be shipped within 24 hours if the payment is made before 3 pm on the same day. For large orders, please contact customer service. If you encounter shop activities, generally control the delivery within 48 hours, if there is an extension Please understand.

(4) Return/Exchange: If the product is not in use, it can be returned for 7 days without reason.

(5) Size: The product size is marked, if there is any error, please contact the customer service staff to solve it.

(6) Color: Store products are all actual shots.

(7) Customization: The company accepts orders of various sizes, and can be customized and developed according to customer requirements to ensure quality and low prices. New and old customers are welcome to negotiate business.

Product Maintenance

(1) When the pump is not working for a long time, loosen the pressure block to avoid squeezing the hose for a long time to cause deformation.
(2) The roller of the pump head should be kept clean and dry, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the hose, shorten the service life of the hose and cause premature damage to the roller.
(3) The surface of the drive and the pump head are not resistant to organic solvents and strong corrosive liquids, so special attention should be paid when using them.



(1) The product is guaranteed for one year.
(2) Contact the seller or manufacturer before returning to the factory for repair.
(3) The original packaging or other reliable packaging methods should be used as far as possible for the return to the factory for maintenance and transportation.
(4) When returning to the factory for maintenance, the fault phenomenon and contact information should be found in detail.
(5) During the warranty period, if it is improperly used or damaged by the user, it will not be included in the free warranty.

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