Simulation Climatic Cycle Stability Tester Fast Temperature And Humid Heat Test Chamber

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Product Overview


Cooling Conditioning Desktop Constant And Humidity Tester Digital Thermostat Chamber With Rapid Rate Of Temperature Change



Product Description

 High-low Temperature Testing Environment.jpg

Product Description:

This test chamber provides a simulated environment of high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, and low humidity to detect the materials and strong attenuation of rubber, plastic, and electronic products before and after the test. The machine can also simulate the container environment to detect the discoloration and shrinkage of rubber and plastic under high temperature and high humidity. Test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. It is suitable for the quality inspection of industrial units in electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, universities, research institutes, inspection and quarantine bureaus, paper products, food, vehicles, auto parts, metals, chemicals, building materials and other industries.


Way To Control:

The balanced temperature control system (BTHC) controls the SSR in the P.I.D. mode so that the heating amount of the system is equal to the amount of heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

Equipment standard: designed and manufactured according to national standards GB/T10586-2006 and GB/T10592-1989. *The verification standard is based on GB/T5170.2-2008, 5170.5-2008

Tips: The temperature uniformity of GB/T5170.5-2008. refers to the no-load situation; the humidity uniformity also refers to the no-load conditions!  


Technical Parameter:

Inner box size W×H×D

 1000mm*1000mm*1000mm (can be customized)

Outer box size W×H×D

 1300mm*2300mm*2100mm or negotiate according to the equipment placement site

Temperature range


Humidity range


Control stability

 Temperature ±0.5℃ Humidity ±2.5%R.H After the temperature reaches the set point, there is no overshoot and jitter of temperature and humidity, and the fluctuation reaches <0.5℃

Distribution uniformity

 Temperature: ≤±1.5℃  Humidity: ≤±2.5%R.H

Temperature rising rate

 Heating rate:10.0℃/min Non-linear no-load (the accuracy of temperature rising and falling ±0.6℃/min)

Rate of cooling rate Rate of cooling rate

 10.0℃/min Non-linear no-load (precision of temperature increase and decrease ±0.6℃/min)

Temperature limit

 maximum temperature +150℃ minimum temperature -45℃

Power source

 AC3/ 5W 380V 50Hz (R, STN three-phase five-wire plus ground wire) (voltage fluctuation ≤±10%)

Total power

 about 45KW (specifically subject to actual)


 ≤80 dB measured at 1 meter directly in front of the device


Product Structure:

Overall structure

 The box body is fully welded in the factory, the structure is firm, the installation is fast, the construction period is short, and the equipment can be moved easily in the later stage. There is no need to remove any refrigeration unit or electronic control unit.

Inner box material

 SUS #304 stainless steel plate

Outer box material

 iron plate paint

Storage rack

 stainless steel SUS304# adjustable spacing storage rail 2 groups, grid storage rack 2 sheet. Each layer bears 20kg. The sample rack can be adjusted up and down as needed.

Thermal insulation material

 100mm rigid polyurethane foam, fire-resistant and fire-proof, in line with environmental requirements. The interlayer between the stainless steel of the inner chamber and the outer shell is filled with polyurethane, which can simultaneously insulate and strengthen the strength of the inner and outer chambers.


 The door of the test box is sealed with silicon rubber strip, which is resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging, and has good sealing performance

Observation window

 There is a large-scale vacuum observation glass with 3 layers of heat and sweat prevention attached to the door. During any test, there is no frost or condensation on the surface.

Lighting device

 There is a lighting lamp on the window.

Test hole

 There is one Φ160mm hole on the left and right sides of the body, and two soft plugs. It can be used for external test power line or signal line.

Pressure balance port

 The pressure balance port is used to balance the pressure inside and outside the storehouse. When heating, the internal pressure is prevented from generating too much outward thrust on the door. When cooling, the door is prevented from inward opening. Normally closed, automatically open when the pressure difference is large


 using stainless steel barrel heating wire


 Split humidifier design, convenient for maintenance

Water tank

 self-made stainless steel water tank with mechanical automatic water inlet function and water shortage alarm function

Temperature sensor

 imported platinum PT100 temperature sensor with high accuracy

Humidity sensor

 the electronic humidity sensor imported from Switzerland

Wind turbine

 2 motors, stainless steel with long shaft; multi-wing fan blade aluminum alloy wind wheel (SIROCCO FAN), special adjustable 100-page air circulation system

Box door

 movable door, 6 holes are opened on the door according to the requirements, the door can be removed for activities, 2 sets of hook locks are designed on the left and right sides of the door

Air supply system:


Special feature of air supply

 the air is transported by centrifugal wind wheels, and the wind direction of the air outlet louvers is adjusted to fully ensure the uniformity in the box

Circulation motor

 use 380V asynchronous motor

Wind wheel

 Multi-blade centrifugal circulation fan, high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy blades


Freezing System:  

Using multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment technology, more efficient and more energy-saving.


 Adopting German semi-hermetic compressor


 barrel condenser (water-cooled condenser)

Expansion valve:

1) Electronic expansion valve. Servo control of refrigerant flow (that is, cooling without heating, heating

Uncooled "static balance" technology)

2) As a new type of control element, the electronic expansion valve has already broken through the throttle mechanism

Concept, it is an important part of the intelligence of the refrigeration system, and it is also the optimization of the refrigeration system.

Important means and guarantees for real realization.

3) Product features:

1. Fully enclosed design, stepper motor drive

2. From very close to fully open in a very short time

3. High accuracy and extremely long life

4. The flow rate changes linearly with a wide cooling capacity range

5. Continuous cooling adjustment, no liquid hammer in the refrigeration circuit

6. The motor is integrated with the valve, with high reliability, and the ceramic valve plate and valve port parts are wear-resistant


)main advantage

1. Realize the active control of the refrigeration system, not the fixed proportional adjustment of the original thermal expansion valve.

control. The output can be adjusted in advance and optimized for different modes and operating conditions.

2. Due to the closed-loop control feedback front end of the electronic expansion valve is the temperature and pressure dual sensor high

Responsive direct control, which can provide the best evaporator liquid supply, so that the refrigeration system

The wider working range achieves excellent cooling capacity output.

3. Energy saving: full-range self-adaptation of the electronic expansion valve + active adaptation to adjust the cooling capacity

Out, making the system more energy efficient.


 The latest environmentally friendly refrigerants R404A and R23 imported from the US


Protective Device:

1. Zero-crossing gate fluid power controller

2. Heating air burning protection switch

3. Compressor overpressure protection switch

4. Compressor overload and overcurrent protection switch

5. Phase loss protection switch

6. No fuse overload protector

7. Water tank water shortage protection switch

8. Heating and humidification fast insurance



About us




We are Zhongli Instrument Technology Co., Ltd, an instrument Expert, Headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.since 2007, specialized in manufacturing Lab testing equipments.

Throughout its more than 13 years of history, Our products have sold well in the Europe, America and Southeast Asia market and total more than 80 countries these years,especially favored by European and American countries.

Our equipments cover a wide range of industries, such as rubber and plastics industry, food industry, packaging industry, electronics industry, etc.and are suitable for all scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and academic fields.

In addition to standard machines, our R&D team can customize it for you. Just tell us your needs and we will make you satisfied.

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1. How to choose the most suitable Mechanical Equipment ?

 Our professional team will give you the best suggestion as long as you tell us what kind of test you need to do andthe required specification.
2. What’s the delivery term?
 At most of time, we have stock in the factory. If there is no stock, normally, the delivery time is 15~20 working days after deposit receipt. If you are in urgent need, we can consider making special arrangement for you.
3. Do you accept customization service?
 Yes, of course, we can not only offer standard machines, but also customized machines 

according to your request. Don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement, we will try our best to meet your needs.
4. Can we visit your factory before order?
 Yes, we warmly welcome and sincerely invite you or your team to visit our factory, we will help to arrange hotel and pick up you from airport.
5. Do you have customers of our country before?

 Now our testing machines have been sold to more than 80 countries, like USA, Canada, Russia,UK, Italy, Germany, European , India, Pakistan, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand , Vietnam, Korea,Saudi Arabia,Brazil...and so on.
6. How about your warranty?
Generally,our warranty is two years. Within the warranty period, we can offer technique support and part parts change, necessarily, our engineers may go to your place for better service.
7. How about the packing for machine, is it safely protected during transportation?
 Our machine is packed by standard export wooden box, it won’t be damaged. We’ve delivered many testing machines abroad by sea or by air without damage.
8. What is the order process?
 Inquiry - quotation - communication - order confirming - deposit payment - production - testing and debugging - balance payment - packing - delivery - customer receiving - after service. 
9. How to install and use the product?
 The product is shipped with an operating instructions and video of English version.


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