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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Parameters

Laser type
Dedicated fiber laser
Laser power
Punch thickness
Processing material
All kinds of glass
Cutting range
Input power
Single-phase AC 220V 50-60Hz

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  •Ability to freely shape holes and internal contours

  1.Can drill and cut any geometry;
  2.Small chips are generated, no marks on the drilling edge, no cracks;
  3.Adopt non-contact processing, no consumables, no pollution.

  It adopts fully enclosed design optical path, and the optical path adopts high-quality optical devices, which is safe and stable.

Equipment advantages
1. The light source is a high-power picosecond laser, and the core components such as the core seed source are provided by international first-line manufacturers, which are stable in use;
2. Specialized glass cutting head, all lenses imported from the United States, fine spot, long focal depth, minimum focal spot <2um, focal depth length Up to 15mm;
3. The motor platform and the base of the optical platform are made of natural marble, and the precision level reaches 00 after the second fine grinding process;
4. X/Y axis motor adopts high-end linear motor, German 0.1um digital grating ruler, Taiwan screw and guide rail,high-quality core motion Components, 24 hours operation without failure;
5. Adopt high negative pressure vacuum pump to absorb products to ensure positioning stability;
6. The device aligns CCD and telecentric vision lens to accurately identify Mark points such as circles and crosses;
7. The electrical components use French Schneider, and the switching power supply uses Taiwan MEAN WELL.


Suitable for photovoltaic glass, home appliances, kitchen utensils, bathroom glass, lighting glass, automotive glass, mobile phone screens, mobile phone camera glass, architectural glass, security glass and other types of glass.

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