Silicon oil isolated filling technology Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor for sanitary appliactions

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Product Overview



PC12 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor


Piezoresistive silicon chip employed

Perfect long term stability

MEMS Technology


PC12 Pressure Sensor is a flush diaphragm sensor. A high sensitivity silicon pressure chip is employed in the transducer. The sensor is welded within the housing, and no leakage will happen. It is more reliable compared with O-ring sealing for leakage.

It can be used in sanitary industry with olive oil/M20 filling, or silicon oil filling in non-clogging application.



Pressure range

Pressure range

-100kPa, 10kPa, 35kPa, 70kPa, 100kPa, 250kPa, 400kPa, 600kPa, 1MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4MPa, 6MPa, 10MPa

Pressure reference

Gauge pressure Absolute pressure | Sealed gauge pressure


300%F.S.(70kPa) 200%F.S.(<25MPa) 150%F.S.(25MPa)

Output signal

Zero output


Span output

60-120mV 100mV(Typical) 40mV(for 10kPa)


Accuracy (linearity,   repeatability and hysteresis)

±0.25%F.S. (Typical)


1.5mA (Typical) 5VDC 10VDC

Compensated temp.

-10-70(≥100kPa) 0-60(<100kPa)

Operating temp.


Medium temp.


Storage temp.


Zero temp. coefficient

0.02%F.S. /(≥100kPa) 0.04%F.S. /(<100kPa)

Span temp. coefficient

0.02%F.S. /(≥100kPa) 0.04%F.S. /(<100kPa)

Insulation resistance


Input impedance


Long term stability



20g (20-5000HZ)


100g (11ms)

Response time

≤1ms(up to 90%F.S.)


10*106 (cycles)

Oil filling

Silicon oil | Olive oil available for sanitary application


NBR, Viton

Housing and   diaphragm                                   

Stainless steel 316L

Medium compatibility

All the liquids and gases compatible with the diaphragm

Wire connection

4 wire (typical) | 5 wire (available)    39×φ0.015, Silicon shielded, 200   bearing

Pin connection

Kovar pin (0.6um Gold platted)






Company Information

Nanjing Wotian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, specializing in the production of pressure sensors. It is the leading domestic manufacturer of pressure sensors, with existing staff 260. The annual production of pressure sensors is more than 1.5 million. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Wotian has established companies in Germany, United States and South Korea. The company has factories in Nanjing and Anshan, and is headquartered in the scenic Jiulong Lake International Headquarters Base in Nanjing. The foreign trade team is located in Shenyang, the center of Northeast Heavy Industry Base.

"Create value for customers" is always the goal pursued by the company. As a well-known brand in domestic pressure sensor industry, Wotian has always been taking rejuvenating China's pressure sensor business as its mission, working diligently and step by step, striving to produce superlative pressure sensors and provide customers with the ultimate cost-effective pressure sensors.


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