Glass Reactor Chemical Batch Mixing Reactor Prices

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Product Overview


Principle & Application

The glass reactor is designed with double-layer glass. The inner layer is filled with solvent for stirring reaction. The interlayer can be connected with cold/heat sources (freezing liquid, hot water, hot oil) for circulating heating and cooling reaction. The reaction can be stirred under normal pressure or negative pressure. Stirring speed can be adjusted by knob, temperature, speed LCD display. The catalyzer can be uniformly added by adjusting the regulating valve on the constant pressure funnel or drop tank. The reaction products can be distilled and recovered by using the heat exchange function of the condenser. The equipped reflux head can also be used for reflux experiment. The product after all the reaction can be discharged through the bottom discharge valve. It is widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in pharmaceutical synthesis, fine chemical industry, petrochemical process and new material synthesis.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Petroleum Industry
Chemical Industry

New Material Synthesis

Synthetic Resin Industry

Food Inspection Industry

Details and Features


It is driven by AC variable frequency motor, and the gear shaft is equipped with reducer. The speed ratio is 1:3, and the mixing force is increased


With SIX port kettle cover,
Meet most of the experimental
Can be customized.


High efficiency double-layer serpentine coil condenser has large condensation area and high recovery efficiency


In the double-layer reactor, the interlayer is connected with a heat source or cold source to heat or cool the internal materials


Discharge valve without dead chamber design, the valve core is made of PTFE, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to discharge


Integrated, PTFE stirring rod, corrosion resistance, no leakage, no pollution, no debris; Paddles are available in various forms, and stainless steel types can also be customized.

Technical Parameter

Reaction capacity
Jacketed volume
220V/50Hz【110V/60Hz optional】
*Motor power
120W (1:3)
Rotating speed
Temperature, speed LCD digital display, speed knob adjustment, with PT100 probe
Control precision
Temperature range
Working pressure
Kettle lid
With *Six port
50 Flange
50# ball-mill joint / 40# standard ground joint
Drop funnel
40# standard ground joint
Liquid adding valve
34# standard ground joint
Thermometer tube
DN25 Flange
Soild adding port
80 Flange
PTFE mixing seal
PTFE+Oil Seal+O-Ring+Bearing
Spherical condenser, 0.42㎡
Reflux Head
Constant pressure drop funnel
Multi-function manual valve
Used for adding liquid, venting air or filling nitrogen
Thermometer tube
Stainless steel wrapped PTFE
*Discharge valve
PTFE; No blind Angle; ID23mm, OD32mm
*Stirrer blade type
PTFE, Four-blade
Inlet/outlet oil port
DN25 Ball-mill Joint with 4‘ adapter
Hexagon wrench
Machine size
Remark: The parameters with"*"have more selectivity; Other parameters support customization

Optional Functions

Ex-proof Motor&Controller

Drop Tank with Stirrer
Spherical/Cylindrical Drop Tank

Receiving Flask
PTFE Coating of Frame

PH Electrode and Controller

Internal Mixing Baffle

Outer Explosion-Proof Glass Baffle
Insulation clothes

Auxiliary Equipment Recommendation

At the same time of material mixing, which can be heated or cooled at constant temperature by circulating hot solution or coolant through the jacketed layer. When the material is heated, the evaporation efficiency can be improved under vacuum condition (vacuum device should be connected). The condenser with a chiller to work together, the cooling effect will be better.  Before choose the device, please inform us of the purpose of use and target temperature, so that we can recommend the suitable model for you.

Company Profile

Our company is located in Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with beautiful scenery. It is a scientific research, design, sales and maintenance company with a variety of technology. The company will take quality as the foundation, credibility for survival, and service for development as its goal. We will work hard both physically and mentally, and cooperate with all the employees to abide by the contract and guarantee the quality of the products. With a variety of operation features and the principle of profit and consumption, We will treat each client equally, establish a win-win system, complement each other's advantages with the society and create glory at the same time!

After-sales service: 
-One year for whole instrumen from the delivery date 
-Lifetime service for whole equipment 
-18 hours technical support by e-mail or video call or calling service 
-Transport breakage, photo confirmation, free replacement
Shipping Service 
- Export wooden cases or carton case
- Fumigation certification, certification of original
- We can ship goods by sea, by air, by train, smaller goods or spare parts will be shipped by express
- You can choose to use your own forwarder
OEM Service 
- Your company information and requirements 
- Design label+ Discussion
- Confirmation+Print
Customized Service: 
- Tell us your work flow and special requirements
- Solution+Drawing
- Poduction+Test

Our Advantage
1.Plant direct supply, Highly competitive prices
2.The experienced staff will give you a good shopping experience
3.Strict quality control, professional merchandisers to the factory for inspection
4.Effective OEM&ODM service
5.Diversification of products and services

Packaging & Shipping

Our company's glass and other fragile parts are wrapped with cushioning bubbles, stainless steel and other accessories are wrapped with winding film, and then placed in the wooden box. The wooden case is filled with pearl cotton around and the parts and accessories are separated again with pearl cotton, which is enough to protect the safety of products. If the glass products are damaged due to the transportation, which undertaken by our company, pls submit it to us within three days after receiving the goods and keep the original packaging and debris for future reference, and replace them free of charge after verification. (except for transportation carried by customers)


A)Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are professional manufacturer of glass reactor series and chiller, heater, high and low temperature circulating device, etc.

B)How to guarantee the quality of your products?
1) Strict detection during production.
2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.

C) How to choose suitable equipment?
You tell us your work flow and special requirements (For example: capacity, temperature range, pressure, power supply, etc ), we will recommend you suitable equipment according to your requirements,application experience and feedback from our clients.

D)How long is your date of delivery?
Within 5 working days after payment confirmed, customized products need 10~15 working days.

E)How to solve the equipment trouble during using?
Please send us email of the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better, we will find the problem and help you to solve it. If there is a broken, we will send you a new part via express, and it is free in the warranty period.   

F)Will you provide service beyond the warranty?
Yes. We provide lifetime service for our products, but it won’t be free beyond the warranty period.

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