Chemical Synthesis glass reactor with Dual-jacketed reaction vessel for distillation crystallization

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Product Overview


Xingyang Kori Instrument  Factory is manufacturing Glass Reactor with different size at 1L,2L,3L,5L,10L,20L,30L,50L,100L,150L,200L

10L,20L,30L,50L,100L,150L,200L are optional for Explosion Proof .


Glass Reactors (Including Single Layer, Jacketed Double Layer, Triple layer ) 



Glass Reactor introduction and usage 


The glass reactor can work under  nature pressure or negative pressure not positive negative .


Jacketed Reactor that is Double Layer Glass Reactor which means there are interlayer between inner layer and outer layer .  


This Interlayer can pass through heating or cooling source by Extral Heating or cooling equipment . 


Based on those heating or cooling source, the material or solvent in the glass reaction vessel will be heated or cooled .  


The Glass Reactor can be used for stirring ,mixing, distillation and extraction so it is widely use as modern chemistry, biochemical, pharmacy and the advanced synthetic.


At the bottom of Glass Reaction kettle, there is a big discharge valve with easy clean conveniently .


 100L Jacketed Reactor200L glass reactorjacketed reactor detailsreactor 20l




double layer detail17double layer detail6double layer detail5



Glass reactor Top Glass Lid with big material input ( Stir,condenser and reflux, stopcock ,dropping funnel,thermowell )


Double Glass Reactor Glass lid 750


PTFE Bottom discharge valve of glass reactor 



discharge vavle 750


 Laboratory Jacketed glass reactor 1l 2l 3l 5l 10l 20l 30l 50l 100l 150l 200l 



Motor40W60W60W90W90W 3:190W 3:190W 3:1120W 3:1250W 3:1250W 3:1400W 3:1
Speed (rpm)60-100060-100060-100060-100060-60060-60060-60060-60060-60060-60060-600
Stirrer Dia (mm)77777121212121212


Max Tem

Max Vacuum                                                    0.098Mpa



 Ex-proof motor ,   Adding Receiving flask,  Condenser into tank directly , Heating cooling machines, Vacuum pump


Jacketed Glass Reactor need to be equiped with Heating and cooling Equipment 


Kori glass reactor


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 If you only need heating , please consider single layer glass reactor 


single glass reactor big


4Glass Reactor plant .jpg



zhongyi kori 2reactor showkori factory 3zhongyi reactorreactor evaporator  filter


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