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Product Overview


General of pig farm project

According to the pig house, the pig farm project includes the mating and gestation house, boar house, the farrowing house, the weaner house, and the fattening house. The equipment including pig pen system, automatic feeding system, drinking water system, climate control system, manure cleaning system,

Pig farm equipment

Pig pen system
This pig pen system design is conducive to the intensive management of large-scale pig farms and saves production costs and floor space.

Automatic feeding system
The automatic feeding system can be auger flex feeding and chain disk feeding according to the onsite condition, it can realize to feed the pig at same time and control feeding quantity, Significantly save the labor work.

Climate control system
The Climate control system adopts fans, cooling pad and air inlet, the system runs continuously for 24 hours to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature of the pig house.

Automatic water drinking system
The system can keep the pigs drinking water and dosing easily, and can save water.

Manure clean system
The manure cleaning system adopts a water submerge system, which does not require power, and relies on the design height difference of the sewage system to achieve the purpose of rapid sewage discharge

Project onsite


The general information for design the pig farm
1) The Project Capacity 
2) Where is it located 
3) The local temperature
4) The onsite condition

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