CD60 start Capacitors For Single Phase Electric Motor Starting 250V 300V

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CD60 Capacitors
Climatic category
Rated voltage
Capacitance range

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We have exhibited in the Indonesia International Electronics and Smart Application EXPO.

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We run at least 5 times of uality inspections before shipping

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1. Which style of capacitor lead out do you available?
The lead out of capacitor we available is Wires, pin, insert and terminal.
The terminals are divided into 187# (width 4.8mm) and 250# (width 6.3mm).
At the same time we accept the customization.
2. Which style Installation hanger of capacitor do you have?
We own the Installation hanger styles which in the market selling.
The detail please reference follow pictures.
At the same time we accept the customization.
3. What color plastic shell do you have?
The general color is black, white and blue etc.
At the same time we accept the customization.
4. Which certificate do you have?
From the company, we own near 15 honour certificates from the government and our customers. The main certificate is the high -tech
enterprises which pass the audit of the government.
At the same time, we own near 20 patent certificates of the production and products.
From the products,We own near 20 certificates which such as CQC, TUV, UL VDE and so on.
5. What are the main parameters of the capacitor?
There main parameter with Capacity and voltage.
6. The unit of capacitor capacity is F (Farad).
The conversion formula of F (Farad) is:
1F(Farad)=1000000μF(Micro method)
1μF (micro method)=1000000pF (picofarad)
The amount of F is very large, generally μF and pF are used as the unit of capacitance.
7. What does CBB mean?
CBB is China's abbreviation for metallized polypropylene film capacitors.
8. The words PO and P2 in capacitor for what meaning?
P0 in the capacitor means non-explosion-proof, and P2 means explosion-proof. The explosion-proof principle of safety
filmcapacitors. The metalized electrode adopts a micro-fuse network structure (as shown in Figure 1). When the capacitor fails,
themicro-fuse is disconnected and the power supply is automatically cut off, thereby preventing the expansion of the fault
andachieving the purpose of self-safety protection.

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