Ningxia Humate over 95% water solubility animal feed supplements over 65% humic acid of feed additives

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Ningxia Humate over 95% water solubility animal feed supplements over 65% humic acid of feed additives

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Sodium humate

Sodium humate is a kind of macromolecular organic weak sodium salt with various functions, which is made of leonardite as raw materials and processed by special technology.

Sodium humate contains polyhydroxy, carboxylic acid and other active groups. Its sodium content is from 7% to 9%, soluble in water and has multiple functions of ion exchange, adsorption, chelating, complexing, flocculating, bonding, and so on.

The dry basis of humic acid in sodium humate exceeds 70%, which is a good veterinary drug and feed additive for the production of green milk, meat and egg food.

Product Paramenters

Agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, medicine , Industry
100% Leonardite
Humic acid
Water solubility
Organic matter
≤18%   (≤12%, ≤15% all can produce)
10kg, 20kg, 25kg Woven bag, Kraft bag, or OEM packing
Supply Ability
30000 Tons per year
Port of loading
Tianjin Port
1*40HQ (27-28tons)
Delivery time
3-7 days conventional products
7-15 days custom products
Payment term
TT, 30%deposit in advance, 70% balance against copy of B/L.
Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from sources of light and strong oxidizing substances.
Pls inform us your contents standard and packing firstly, then we quote to you .


Benefits and Application

Sodium humate is an essential feed additives in animal husbandry:

1. Adding in pig feed, it can reduce and treat the diarrhea, anemia and other diseases in piglets. Promote the lactation of sows, increase the weight and survival rate of piglets, and increase the success rate of postpartum mating by 3-4 days of estrus. Improve the growth rate of fattening pigs and increase the rate of lean meat. Reduce fecal odor, darken fecal color.

2. Adding in chicken feed, it can improve intestinal health, promote growth, improve egg production rate, prolong egg production peak, improve egg flavor, improve egg shell quality, increase yolk luster, improve protein consistency, improve meat quality, increase feed utilization rate by 7-10%, and increase survival rate by 5-8%;

3. Adding to rabbit feed: Increase the brightness and quality of hair, increase the yield, it has obvious effect for rabbit diarrhea, promote growth;

4.Adding to cattle feed: Humic acid sodium has a good anti-inflammatory effect, reducing diarrhea, improving lactation, preventing mastitis, reducing urea nitrogen content, and improving feed utilization rate and daily weight gain;

5. Adding to fish feed: Purify water quality, inhibit noctiluca and harmful bacteria and other harmful substances, maintain the balance of algae and bacterium in the water, adsorb harmful substances in the water, reduce inflammation and promote growth;

6. Adding to shrimp feed: Effectively improve water quality, inhibit lichen cyanobacteria, detoxify and resist stress, supply trace elements, stabilize PH, reduce nitrite ammonia nitrogen and so on.

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Company Profile

Ningxia Humate Biotechnology Co., Ltd mainly produces potassium humate, sodium humate and potassium fulvic acid. We are one of the top three humic acid manufacturers in China.

Our general factory located in Ningxia, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with 6 production lines and 60 drying rollers, mainly producing flake and powder products. Our branch factory is located in Xinjiang, covering an area of 80,000 square meters, mainly producing granule and powder products. Xinjiang branch is very near coal mines and with high quality and low price of raw material coal so that our products have strong market competitiveness. In addition, we can produce humic acid products in different forms and indexes , such as flakes, granules, powders and liquids. Regarding the potassium content of potassium humate, we also accept customer customization.

Our company integrates R&D, production and sales. Products mainly service in agricultural planting, organic fertilizers, aquaculture, feed additives, livestock and poultry medicines, aquaculture, binders, mineral processing, etc. The products are not only sold well internal, but also exported to all over the world, such as Southeast Asia, India, Egypt and other countries.

Our advantages:
-Self produced and sold, no middlemen to earn price difference, to ensure the quality and competitive price. 
-National testing equipment, raw material truck testing, products daily testing , strict quality control.
-Continuously introduce energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, constantly cultivate excellent team to enhance the strength of the enterprise.

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