PLA2 is used in cake production to improve the tissue structure, elasticity and taste of the product phospholipase

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PHOSPHOLIPASE for bakery factory fermentation FOSFOLIPASA
Industrial phospholipase A2 (PLA2) mainly produced from porcine pancreas is used for production of lysolecithin which is well known as an excellent natural emulsifier for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Since the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or religious tradition, it is hoped that the new sources of PLA2, as well as other enzymes and proteins, will be developed instead of mammal. From these backgrounds, we studied for PLA2 from marine organisms and found that starfish Asterina pectinifera PLA2 possesses extremely high activity and characteristic polar-group specificity comparing with commercially available PLA2 from porcine pancreas. Therefore, it was suggested that the starfish A. pectinifera would be a potential source of PLA2, and the PLA2 can be utilized as alternative enzyme of mammalian PLA2

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Product Usage

Phospholipase PLA2 can hydrolyze the two acyl groups on the glycerophospholipid molecule to produce fatty acids and
lysophospholipids. Lysophospholipids have very excellent properties.

It can be seen from the chemical structure (increased hydrophilic hydroxyl group) that lysophospholipids are more hydrophilic than phospholipids.

  • Description of product use effect

PLA2 can be used for heat-resistant egg yolk production, vegetable oil degumming and whitening of steamed bread or noodles, etc.
The general recommended dosage is 0.1-1.0%, depending on the actual production;

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