liquid milk processing to increase the sweetness of milk improve the taste increase the nutritional value of milk Neutral lacta

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NEUTRAL LACTASE for dairy beta-galactosidase LACTASE NEUTRE
Lactose is a special disaccharide found in mammalian milk. It is a sweetened sugar. Due to its low solubility in water, it cannot be directly absorbed by the human intestinal lumen. Neutral lactase (EC3.2.1.23) is a food-grade glycoside hydrolase fermented by Kluyveromyces lactis, a highly specific β-galactosidase that hydrolyzes lactose to form glucose and galactose , the solubility of these two monosaccharides is 3-4 times that of lactose, and their absorption rate in the intestinal lumen is the fastest among monosaccharides. Lactase can effectively solve the phenomenon of "lactose intolerance", adding this enzyme can improve the taste and sweetness of milk, 3 times higher than unhydrolyzed milk, and improve the nutritional value of milk, especially for the weak and infants .


Natural and safe: Fermented from natural raw materials, it is derived from the protein with catalytic function in the living body, and has the characteristics of natural, safe and high-efficiency; Clean label: Lactase is a kind of natural ingredients for clean label that can reduce the dosage of sugar.

The effect is significant, mainly applications as below:

1. It is used in liquid milk processing to increase the sweetness of milk, improve the taste, increase the nutritional value of
milk, and avoid lactose intolerance;
2. It is used in ice cream, concentrated milk and evaporated milk to solve the problem of lactose crystal precipitation, increase the stability of milk protein, and make the product taste more delicate;
3. Application in the fermentation industry to increase the decomposition rate of lactose during the fermentation process and reduce the fermentation time;

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