G18T5L SP 18W single pin uvc tube T5 254nm Free Ozone uv germicidal lamps 254nm ac ultraviolet lights

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Instant Start (Slimline) Germicidal Lamps-T5 SP_DE
instant start lamps-Ozone free
model numberlamp dimensions (mm)







UV output at 1metre

rated life


tube diamlengtharc length(uw/cm2)(W)


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 High Quality Quartz

Lightbest UV germicidal lamp, the glass tube is manufactured from high quality quartz to ensure its optical transmission for UV light. Technically speaking, the UV transmittance is over 90%. 


Two Sterilization Types

Lightbest UV germicidal lamps are CE and RoHs certificated, they are available in two series, ozone

free and ozone generating.

BacteriaAnthraces0.30 Tuberculosis0.41 
Diphtheria0.25 Vibrio Choleria0.64 
Clostridium Botulism0.80 Pseudo monas Bacteria0.37 
Tetanus0.33 Salmonella0.51 
Dysentery Bacillus0.15 Fever Bacteria0.41 
Cobibacillu0.36 Bacillu Typhi murium0.53 
Hook-side Pylon Bacillus0.20 Shigella0.28 
Legion Ella0.20 Staphylococcus1.23 
Micro co   0.4-1.53Streptococcus0.45 
VirusAdenovirus0.10 Influenza Virus0.23 
Phagocyte Cell Virus0.20 Polio Virus0.80 
Coxsackie Virus0.08 Rota Virus0.52 
ECHO Virus0.73 Tobacco Mosaic Virus16.00 
ECHO Virus 10.75 Hepatitis B Virus0.73 
Mold SporeAspergillums Niger6.67 Soft Spores0.33 
Aspergillums  0.73-8.80Penicillium   2.93-0.87
Dung Fungi8.00 Penicillium Chrysogenum   2.00-3.33
Mucor  0.23-4.67Other Fungi Penicillium0.87 
Water AlgaeBlue-green algae      10-40Paramecium7.30 
Chlorella0.93 Green Algae0.22 
Line Ovum3.40 Protozoan      4-6.70
Fish DiseaseFung 1 Disase1.60 Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis4.00 
Leukodermia2.67 Hemorrhagic1.60 

The ozone free lamp emits 254nm UV light to kill microorganisms directly, ultraviolet photons harm the DNA molecules

of living organisms in different ways. In one common damage event, adjacent thymine bases bond with each other,

instead of across the “ladder”. This “thymine dimer” makes a bulge, and the distorted DNA molecules will not function properly.


While the ozone generating lamp gives out 185nm UV light to react with oxygen gas in the air or water to form ozone.

Ozone is able to destroy cells of microorganism, and it also serves as a kind of strong oxidant to kill biological tissues

of microorganism. And based on UV photolysis, our ozone generating UV bactericidal lamps could completely

decompose oil, remove fume and other peculiar odor.


 Wide application

Lightbest germicidal lamps are commonly seen in various water treatment systems to deal with sewage,

waste water, fish tank water, drinking water, ultrapure water, purified water, swimming pool water and

so on.



  Easy Installation and cost-effective

Lightbest germicidal lamps could be made with different pins for different installation conditions: 2P

double ended structure is easy to install, 4P single ended ones save a lot of space, and SP double

ended lamps, resulted from instant heating and discharging of filaments, can be started instantly.

Lightbest germicidal lamps have a power range of 4W-80W, and its useful life is as long as 10000 hours,

which helps reduce waste and energy use.


Various Lamp Bases

Lightbest germicidal lamp bases can be made of different materials,such as ceramic, aluminum and plastic.

Ceramic has better heat transfer performance and eco-friendly, aluminum and plastic ones with lower cost,

you can choose suitable ones according to your demands. 





Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Standard export packing:Plywood carton, 100pieces in a carton
Delivery Detail: 7 to 20 days


Our Services


Lightbest provided: OEM service
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Custom Design Service


A: Manufacture is to ISO9001:2000 standard.
B: Product is guaranteed for 12 months after lamp purchase.
C: According to the International Standard:
AQL tolerance is within 2% of the total quantity per order.
D: If AQL tolerance exceeds 2%, Lightbest will refund the buyer at 1:1 rate; OR an amount equal to the UQL value will

be deducted from the next order.
E: 2% of products are added by Lightbest (at no extra charge) to the ordered quantity for back-up purposes.


UV-C radiation output of these lamps is harmful to unprotected eyes and skin.
Appropriate safety wear must be worn, or installations completely scree

Customer distribution June 4th 2015


Company Information

  Lightbest concentrates on water purification treatment and supplies customers with one-stop service and solution on

water treatment fields. We specialize in UV germicidal lamps, UV water sterilizers, electronic ballasts, booster pumps,

ion exchange resin, FRP tanks, PP filter etc., and adhere on the principle of fighting, upholding, sharing and win-win

together. We have been a supplier of water treatment with high-quality products, perfect service, professional operation

and reasonable price both in China and the globe.


  Our factory has established a strict product quality control system and has gained the ISO9001-2000 certificate and

introduced 5S quality management system from Japan. Our products have successfully passed CE and RoHS certifications.

Our products are best-sellers in foreign and domestic markets, and exported to many countries and regions such as America,

Germany, Italy, Holland, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong,

Taiwan and so on.


We introduced advanced production equipment and strict management of all aspects of the production process. Each

position of the staff must strictly follow the operating requirements of the production process, and each product must

have been tested by professional testing equipment before selling.



Q: what's your advantage compared with other suppliers?
A: Our uv lamps are made with high-quality quartz, the same supplier for Philips and Lightsources.
    There are CE and Rohs certificates and competive prices. 
Q:What's my consideration when i choose one model of uv lamps?
A:  -The water treatment volume and speed;
     and lamp watts and lenth.
Q:Can i be a distributor of Lightbest?
A: Of course you can.
Q:What are the benefits of being a Lightbest distributor?
A: - Special discount .
     - Marketing protection.
     - Priority of launching new design.
     - Point to point technical supports and after sales service
Q: How can i become a distributor of Lightbest?
A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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