Hot selling liquid CO2 Iso tank Liquid carbon dioxide used as refrigerant gas in food and industry

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Product Name
Liquid Oxygen
Place of Origin
Light blue liquid
Medical and industrcal oxidant
Brand Name

MAOTOOGAS EQUIPMENTS (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD.specializing in the production and sales of mixed gas, high-purity gas, electronic gas, isotope gas and other gas products, as well as gas pipeline supporting engineering services! MAOTOOGAS gas mainly serves semiconductor, led, optical fiber, solar energy, petrochemical, biomedicine, military industry, University, scientific research, electric power, electronics, shipping, coal mine, automobile, medical, fire protection, aerospace, food, construction, smelting, fine chemical, processing and manufacturing industries.

1.What's your product price?
Because each gas price is depends on the market supply and demand, quantity and purity, it is difficult to give a fixed price. If you have any interested in each gas, pleases give your details requirement.We can negotiate the most reasonable price.
2.What's the minimum order quantity?
Different products have different minimum order quantity. Please don't hesitate to let me know your requirement.
3.What's the delivery time?
If the cylinder need to customize, the delivery is about 35 days ex work after receive the deposit. That depends on the quantity.
4.How to check the gas quality?
Firstly, our cylinder will take a treatment (cleaning, drying, vacuum pumping, and replacement before filling gas. In this way,
the cylinder inside is clear and dry. Secondly, we will take tests every treated cylinder to assure them inside purity. Thirdly,
we will take a test for all of the gas after fill into cylinders. If the tested gas is not up to standard, we will produce it
again and not release the faulty product to ex work. At last, we will supply you the gas testing qualified report .

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