Automatic meat emulsify bowl cutter machine stainless steel industrial meat chopper machine price

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Electric automatic sausage bowl cutter high quality meat bowl cutter machine cheap price bowl cutter
The chopper is the key equipment for the production of meat products, especially the necessary equipment for the production of Western-style ham. This machine can not only cut the main ingredients such as meat, minced meat and fat into meat emulsion, but also stir the main material and auxiliary materials into a uniform emulsion, so that the cutting, stirring and emulsification are completed once, so that the fine density of the sausage products can be made. And the elasticity is enhanced to improve the product yield and product quality. The device is also suitable for the crushing of fish, fruits and vegetables.

The product uses a waterproof computer controller for safe and reliable use. The crucible and outer packaging are all made of high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean, and fully meets food hygiene requirements.

Working principle :The chopping machine uses the high-speed rotation of the file to cut the meat, minced meat, fat and other main raw materials into finely minced meat or meat, while stirring other ingredients such as water, borneol and auxiliary materials into a uniform milky shape. Object. The high speed rotation of the file can shorten the running time, reduce the heat generation of the material, and maintain the natural color, elasticity, yield and shelf life of the product.

Product Description

meat bowl cutter
Blade quantity
Blade speed
1480/2960 rpm
Pot speed
7 rpm

Product Features

The feature of meat bowl cutter

1.This machine is widely used in meat, vegetables, seafood and condiments.
2.The rotary pan is made of cast stainless steel and has anti-overflow pan edge to effectively prevent the phenomenon of seepage.
3.The key components are processed by machining center to ensure machining accuracy.
4.The tool is made of imported materials and processed by special technology. It can also be equipped with imported tools.
5.The main shaft adopts the imported double bearing series installation method to ensure the good concentricity of the cutter shaft group.

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