sodium process Calcium hypochlorite 70 granular and Calcium hypochlorite 70 tablet

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Product Overview


Solid sodium hypochlorite used in starch plant industry

Product Introduction
Sodium hypochlorite is sodium hypochlorite. Hypochlorous acid produced by the reaction of sodium hypochlorite and carbon dioxide is the effective ingredient of bleaching agents. The national mandatory standard "Sodium Hypochlorite" (GB 19106-2013) came into effect on December 1, 2014.

Chlorine dissolves in cold and dilute sodium hydroxide solution to produce sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride and water:
CI2 + 2NaOH → NaCIO +NaCI +H2O
Note that chlorine soluble in hot and concentrated sodium hydroxide solution will not produce sodium hypochlorite, but will produce sodium chloride, sodium chlorate and water:
3CI2 + 6NaOH → 5NaCI + NaCIO3 +3H2O

Product Features for sodium hypochlorite:
White extremely unstable solid, easy to explode when mixed with organic matter or reducing agent. The aqueous solution is alkaline and slowly decomposes into NaCI, NaCIO3 and O2. It decomposes rapidly when heated and exposed to light, and has strong oxidizing properties.

            Product index
Available chlorine (CI2)%
above 10
Carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) ppm
below 100
Trihalomethanes (THMs) ppm
250 or less
Mercury (Hg) ppm
5 or less

Application for sodium hypochlorite:
1 Mainly used for the bleaching of pulp, textiles (such as cloth, towels, undershirts, etc.), chemical fibers and starch.

2 The soap industry is used as a bleaching agent for grease. In the chemical industry, it is used to produce hydrazine hydrate, monochloramine and dichloramine. It is also used to make chlorinating agent for cobalt and nickel.

3 Used as water purifier, bactericide and disinfectant in water treatment.

4 The fuel industry is used to make sulphur sapphire blue.

5 In the organic industry, it is used in the manufacture of chloropicrin, calcium carbide hydration to produce acetylene detergent.

6 Agriculture and animal husbandry are used as disinfectants and deodorants for vegetables, fruits, feedlots and livestock houses.

7 Food-grade products are used for the disinfection of drinking water, fruits and vegetables, and the disinfection of food manufacturing equipment and utensils.


Q1: What's your MOQ?
We can accept 500kg of the MOQ,and we would you like to grow up with together.

Q2: Can I get a samples?
We can provide you a ceratin amount of samples,please contcacty us directly. but the client needs to pay for the freight.

Q3: How can I get the price of polyacrylamide and polyaluminium chloride?
Please give us the exact product specifications requirement, quantity,packing,destination port and other necessary information,we will give you quotation according to your specific requirments.

Q4: I am not sure which product is appropriate to my industry,what should i do?
We can give you suggestion base on your industry,we have 32 years experience in wastewater treatment,we can assure you will find the most professionals service with us.

Q5: How to use polyacrylamide and polyaluminium chloride?
Click (PAM)and(PAC) here to check products useage

Q6: What is your annual output for products?
Now we have enhanced our manufactuing output to 150,000 MT per year.

Q7: What about the shipping methods?
1. For urgent order and small quantity for samples, you can choose the express by DHL, UPS and so on;
2. For large quantity, you can choose to deliver the goods by sea,air,and land transport

Q8: How can you ensure the quality of your product ?

Quality control is the foundation of our company,we have been engaging in this field since 1988, We have Alibaba's verified
supplier certificate and have passed the field certification of TUVRheinland.

Q9:How to become your agent in our area?
1.when we have done business with adequate large orders and estabilished a trusting relationship,we can discuss about setting up a foreign agent.
2.if you have a large quantity in your area,we can consider setting up an agent there.

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