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Lutein Peptide Periocular Skin Spray (rose)

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This company is the trading company of the Beijing XieHe Biological Engineering Research Institute, a subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, is the highest medical research and medical education institution in China.
Beijing Union Bio's R&L Eye Care Family is dedicated to building a benchmark for eye care programs in China. The goal of the program is to help everyone develop the habit of taking care of their eyes on a daily basis. Focus on eye health problems, to be the solution and provider of eye health product care solutions!

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Q1、How long can one bottle of spray last?
A: Unlike clunky drops, simply spray on a closed eyelid from 6-10 inches away from any angle. And the 2 spray system maintains sterility over 3 months and 640 doses per bottle.
Q2、Is the product preservative free? A:Yes. is the only product of its kind to provide a preservative free combination of ingredients designed to treat dry eye symptoms with a unique delivery system. It contains no fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, no hormones, no mineral oil as well.
Q3、How frequent shall we apply the spray everyday? A:It is recommended to spray 3-5 times a day. It can also be used according to the needs of the eyes. You can spray at any time when the eyes feel sore or tired.
Q4、Can spraying with closed eyes improve visual fatigue? A:Through transdermal absorption, the active ingredients can be evenly distributed in the eyes. During the spraying process, we recommend closing the eyes slightly. The spray remaining on the eyelashes during the opening process will also be evenly distributed to the eye surface.
Q5、Can I spray with makeup? A:It is not recommended to wear makeup sprays. There are certain penetration promoting ingredients in the product, which can promote the transdermal absorption of the effective ingredients. Cosmetics contain a large number of chemical ingredients. In the process of transdermal absorption of the effective ingredients, cosmetic ingredients may be absorbed through the skin, which is not good for skin health. Q6、Does the eye spray have a heavy smell ? A:Because it is a product for eyes, there is no added fragrance, only a slight flavor. Q7、At what age can a child use the spray? A:We have a special serial,which is mainly aimed at young people who use eyes heavily. Generally, young people over 10 years old and those who overuse their eyes are suggested using the spray.
Q8、What is the difference between the three models? A: ⑴The skin structure and thickness of the three groups of men, women, and adolescents are different. Therefore, in the formulation process, each product is added with translucency enhancing ingredients and the content is different. ⑵Men,women and adolescents have different skin and eye needs: Men’s skin is prone to oil and large pores, especially added with soothing oil control ingredient Mediterranean cypress oil;Women’s skin is prone to dryness and fine lines, especially with moisturizing ingredients rose water and rose oil;adolescents are in great demand for eyes, especially kale and bilberry are added to strengthen the eye protection effect. Q9、Can it be sprayed directly into the eyes?
A:When the product was originally designed, it was considered that the spray would flow into the eyes along the crevices of the eyes. Therefore, the original design of the moisturizing spray was to be isotonic with human tears and would not cause eye irritation when entering the eyes; and The active ingredients in the product are dual-purpose ingredients for cosmeceuticals and cosmetics, and spraying into the eyes will not cause damage to the eyes.Also, the process of closing the eyes is a relaxing process, which can restart the tear film and better protect the eyes, so we recommend closing the eyes and spraying.
Q10、What should I do if I accidentally spray it into my eyes? A: The active ingredients in the product are all dual-purpose ingredients for cosmeceuticals and cosmetics. Spraying into the eyes will do no harm to the eyes, so there is no need to worry.
Q11、There is a tingling sensation when sprayed into the eyes, why? A: For people with sensitive eyes, spray into the eyes, there may be a tingling sensation, if there is a tingling sensation, under normal circumstances, it will disappear in about 15 seconds.In addition, when we often have the symptoms of eye fatigue, due to excessive use of the eyes, there will be slight inflammation in the eyes, and there will be a tingling sensation when spraying, such as our hands are injured, there are small wounds, and water There will be a tingling sensation, and the tingling will disappear in about 15 to 20 seconds.Furthermore, when the skin is dry, when we use cosmetics, no matter what the product, there will be a certain tingling sensation. This is also true in the eyes. When our eyes are relatively dry, using eye spray products will also cause a certain tingling. Pain, but this stinging sensation will improve immediately, which is a normal physiological response.
Q12、Is it normal to spray on the skin and feel a little painful? A: If you have a tingling sensation, it means that your skin is too dry. During the rapid hydration process, the skin will feel rusty and a little painful. In addition, the fat-soluble ingredients have strong penetrating power and are absorbed in the process of transdermal absorption. In medium, sensitive people will also have a tingling sensation, but this sensation will disappear quickly.
Q13、Astringent feeling A:The astringent feeling of cell dehydration will improve in a few seconds. Q14、Foreign body sensation in the eyelids. A: This is mainly due to the hydration and expansion of the cells. Most of the eye cells are hydrated and plump. However, with the increase of age and frequent use of electronic products, the eyes become dry and the cells become dry due to dehydration, and the eyes are quickly hydrated. , Which allows the cells to recover from the shriveled state to a hydrated and plump state, thereby showing the sensation of foreign body. Q15、White eyeballs are slightly red A: After using the product, some people may have slight redness of the white eyeballs or a feeling of heat, which usually disappears in about 10 to 15 minutes. This is mainly the result of the product improving the eye microcirculation and promoting blood flow.

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