High efficiency large 300 tons low noise steel open cooling tower for melting furnace

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High efficiency large 300 tons low noise steel open cooling tower for melting furnace

Cooling Tower Item
Open Cooling Tower
FRP, fiberglass
Manufacturing plant,construction project,hotel,etc
1 year

Operational Principle

Countercurrent open operation principle : By spraying the circulating water into the PVC filler , the water can reach the air through the contact . After heat exchange , a fan drives the air circulation in the tower to bring out the hot air flow after heat exchange with water , so as toachieve cooling.
Cross flow open operation principle : The cooling fins are arranged on both sides , and the two-way air intake is designed to create a larger air flow space , and the fan duct opening is maximized to speed up the air flow . Low-speed , wide-bladed air wing blades are used to reduce wind resistance and control noise.
Characteristic :
1 High performance . Compared with FRP cooling towers , the tower body , water tank , water distribution system , bracket , air duct and other components of the steel cooling tower are all made of steel , with high mechanical strength , good stability , typhoon resistance , and no parts falling off . The operation is stable , the design standard is higher and more accurate ,and the performance index is more guaranteed
2 are cheap . Compared with the closed cooling tower , there is no cooling coil and the structure is simpler . Low cost and excellent price .
3 Easy to install and easy to maintain Modular delivery as a whole , larger models only need to connect and assemble the upper and lower boxes . Reduce the difficulty of on-site work.The internal operation space is large , which is convenient for cleaning the packing and replacing the parts.
4 Environmentally friendly . From the manufacturing process to the installation and use , the steel plate material has no hidden danger of environmental pollution , and is also easy to recycle . It will not cause secondary pollution to the environment . Less floating water , reducing the pollution of the surrounding environment of the cooling tower.


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Main Raw Materials

Outer shell:Aluminum-zinc plate/ Superdyma/304SS/316L
Brand:Bao steel/POSCO
High strength and toughness, corrosion resistance,sultable for long distance transportation.Laser cut-ting technology has more fine workmanship.

Exhaust system :
The low-speed fully enclosed motor adopts ultra-wide fan blades . The fan is composed of aluminum blades and steel hubs . It has the advantages of small wind resistance , large air volume , low noise , high efficiency and reliable performance . The protection level is IP55 , andit should be used outdoors( Blade optional : aluminum alloy , hollow aluminumalloy carbon fiber polyethylene.

Sprinkler System
-Orchid sprinkler
It adopts large-diameter ELLERT type nozzle , which is made of corrosion-resistant polyvinyl chloride material , and has the characteristics of large flow, uniform spraying and no clogging.
High-quality Nanya raw materials , durable , hightemperature resistance , efficient heat dissipation

Main circulation system:
The main pump is used and the backup pump can be automatically put into operation when a fault occurs .High efficiency , low noise and low vibration.
Special circulating water pump , protection grade IP55, no leakage, long life. Special outdoor motor and specially configured imported bearings are selected to ensure long-term reliable operation of the pump , with excellent performances such as low power ,large flow and low noise.
Type : Vertical / Horizontal( Motor : Siemens , ABB . TECO , Wannan , JAC )

Company Profile

Wuxi Master Cooling Machinery Manufacturing Co , Ltd is a professional manufacturer of cooling system . Our company is located in Wuxi national industrial park , we have convenient transportation and elegant environment , with modern factory , advanced technologyand equipments.
Our mainly productions are closed cooling tower , opened cooling tower , evaporative condenser , chiller , RO system and other accessory parts . Our products are widely used inelectric power , chemical industrial , metallurgy , cooling , light industrial , civil facilities andother fieldsWe have an excellent scientific research and development team whom onstantly desian new products always more efficient and more innovative in order to meet the different needs from different customers.
Our core competencies are the reasonable price with superior quality and also our products own high efficiency , environmental protection , easy installation , operation and maintenance , long service life and what matters most is that we pay more attention to customers feelings . al protection , easy installation , operation and maintenance , long service life and whatmatters most is that we pay more attention to customer's feelings.

Why Choose Us

(1)We have complete service of cooling tower equipment
(2)We can provide the perfect water treatment solutions and cooling system
(3)We provide OEM/OEM service
(4)Can you see the running machine in our factory?
Yes. Before making your decision ,you can test-run the equipment in our factory

(5)How long of the warranty time?
Our warranty period is 1 year.
(6)We have a strong after-sales team and technical solutions, we can provide you with a full range of solution applications.


More information needed when you request a proper cooling tower
1:Water Flow Rate: m³/h
2:Inlet and Outlet Water Temp: ℃
3:Wet-bulb Temp.: ℃
4:Regular Power Supply is 380V, 50HZ,3-Phrase . If different please specify .
For more details and reach us more quickly, please contact by Regina at Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat : +86 15358006613

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