WHGCM GSH-3L&5L Small Scale Laboratory Nylon Experimental Machine Reactor Equipment

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Product Overview


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Product Paramenters

Technical Parameters
Working Volume (L)
Working pressure(MPa)
Negative pressure
-0.1~40 MPa
Negative pressure
-0.1~40 MPa
Negative pressure
-0.1~30 MPa
Negative pressure
-0.1~30 MPa
Working temperature
-196~500 ℃
Stirring speed (r/min)
Motor power (W)
Heating power (KW)
Heating type
Electric heating, steam or water or thermal oil circulation, far infrared heating.
Charging type
Charging from above, discharging from below or above.
Adopt self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve, suitable for mixing various media.
Stirring type
Paddle, Impeller, Anchor, Screw, Belt or as per customer request
Seal type
Magnetic seal, packing seal.
0.1~10L DC motor, 10~50L AC motor, both in explosion-proof type.
Reactor material
Contacting material inside kettle mainly use SUS304, SUS316L, SUS321, SUS310, as well as titanium, nickel, zirconium, hastelloy,
etc, or lined with PTFE, PPL, PFA, Ni (Ni6) according to various reaction medium.
Kettle lid open port
Needle Valve on Gas Port and Liquid Port, Bottom Insert Tube for sampling or inlet use, Pipe Plug on Solid Charging Port, Platinum
Resistance (PT100) on measuring and controlling Temperature Port, Pressure Gauge and Safety Device (Blasting Disc) on Security
Blasting Port, and Cooling Coil Faucet for cooling water inlet/outlet.
Controller Device
Equipped with automatic or programmed PID or PLC to achieve:
Temperature display and control, accuracy ± 1 ℃; Program Control;
Mixing Speed display and control;
Pressure display and control;
Level display and control;
Flow display and control;
Valve open/close control, etc.

Products Description

A reactor can conduct a reaction under pressure inside its vessel, pressure reactor is a special application of a pressure vessel.
The pressure can be caused by the reaction itself or created by an external source, like hydrogen in catalytic transfer
hydrogenation. High pressure reactors are used in reactions included but are not limited to Hydrogenation, Polymerization,
Synthesis, Catalytic, Petrochemical and so on. They are also used to perform research such as Upstream, Biomass, Biopolymer,Zeolite, etc.

Advantages of Lab Reactor

1. It can conduct a reaction above the boiling point of a solvent. Increase in temperature can speed up the desired reaction, and also speed up the decomposition of reagents and starting materials.
2. Closed vessel with static magnetic seal (or also called static seal) can prevent releasing toxic gas and explosion, ensure both zero leakage and a safety operation.
3. The pressure can reduce the reaction volume, less solvent is needed, including the liquid phase, and in turn increase concentration and collision frequency, and accelerate a reaction.

The reactor lid and reactor body are connected by bolts and nuts on flanges, some times, quick open structure will be used for easy opening process.With water or gas circulation through cooling coil, temperature inside reactor kettle can be cool down quickly without opening kettle lid.
Types of mixer styles available for various working medium according to different viscosity and property,

Other equipment for reactors
In order to work better and realize more functions, our reactor can also be equipped with other equipment.

Easy-operation device
With quick-open and lifting device, the kettle lid can be easily opened and lifted, also, the kettle body can be flipped for clean up or discharging.

Distillation and Esterification Reactor
With extra components, like horizontal condenser, vertical condenser, collecting tank, buffer tank, a distillation or
esterification reaction can happen inside, a vacuum pump can help speed up the whole process.

Circulating equipment
The auxiliary heating equipment of the reactor heats the thermal oil or other media in the reactor, which is circulated to the jacket of the reactor for heating
Pumps are machine that conveys or pressurizes fluid.
It can be used with the reactor to transport liquid or gas to realize the reaction.
PID or PLC controller
Explosion proof and common control cabinet

Our reactor is widely used in a big range, like Medical Industrial, Food Industrial, Chemical Industrial, Raw Material Industrial,
Petroleum Industrial, Energy Industrial, New Material and Polymolecular Industrial.

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Product packaging

Plastic film wrapping against moisture;Steel frame or wood frame inside for necessary support;
Strong fixture for whole set equipment;
All wood used in package is Fumigation free type, no need extra inspection during custom.


Pre-Sale Stage
Provide Chemical Process , Project Drawing and Suitable Equipment Model according to customer's request, for accurate design and
quote, please kindly advise below:

Production Stage
Whole time report for manufacture status;
Inspection video for quality checking;
Full set Engineering Documents, include User Manual, General Drawing, Electric Circuit Drawing, All Related Test Report, Approval

After Sale Stage
Life long service for all equipment;
Free spare parts in warranty period;
Discount price for all spare parts after warranty period;
Technical consulting is always for free.

Training & Installation
Arrange engineer to assist customer in equipment assembly and installation;
Training workers to use machine properly.

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