30kg Industrial Commercial Washing Machine hotel Washer extractor

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Product Overview


Durable 30kg capacity industrial vertical automatic washing dewatering machine


Product introduction1. Fully automatic elution machine (also known as elution machine and elution machine). The fully automatic washing machine eliminates the cumbersome working procedures of the ordinary washing machine and the dehydrator. You only need to place the washings in the washing machine, set the washing, rinsing and dehydrating procedures, and have a more convenient one-button operation. "Program, you can easily wash clothes!
2. Suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, linen, chemical fiber blended and other clothing fabrics.
3. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, full suspension structure, low vibration, low noise, fuzzy control, convenient operation, fully automatic washing and dehydration integration functions.
4. Rolling cage is made of 304 stainless steel. It has strong corrosion resistance and durability. It is an indispensable modern washing and dewatering equipment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, dyeing and dyeing industries and enterprises.
Performance characteristics1. Adopt full computer LCD man-machine dialogue operation interface
2. Stainless steel design, beautiful and durable, the inner diameter of the inner tank is large, and the washing operation is increased.
3. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation to ensure smooth operation of the machine
4. Water temperature automatic control system
5. Suspension type vibration isolation structure with spring damping system, ultra-low vibration
6. Can be safely placed on any floor without foundation
7. Fully enclosed rear drainage frame structure design to reduce pollution

1. The door cannot be opened after the washing cycle of the fully automatic washing machine
Possible cause of failure:
1. There is water in the outer cylinder
2, the inlet pressure is too low
3. The air pipe connected to the cylinder of the drain valve is cut off.
4. The solenoid valve that opens the drain valve is damaged.
5. Open the cylinder damage of the drain valve
6, the door is misaligned, the latch is stuck
7, can not accept any signal to open the door from the controller
1. Check the drain valve and drain piping system and clean or repair if necessary
2. Increase the inlet air pressure to 6-7kgf/cm
3. Repair or reconnect the trachea
4. Repair or replace the solenoid valve
5. Repair or replace the cylinder that opens the drain valve
6, re-adjust the position of the door, close the door
7, replace the controller


2. The fully automatic washing machine cannot be started. When the door is closed, the display shows “door open”
Fault cause: door closing limit switch is damaged
Solution: Repair or replace the door limit switch















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