12v Battery Circuit To Prevent Wind Turbine Battery Damage 4s Lifepo4 Balancer

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Product Overview


12v Battery Circuit To Prevent Wind Turbine Battery Damage 4s Lifepo4 Balancer

Product Description

What qnbbm balancer do ?

1.Balancing battery volt of each cell automatically 24 hours ,easy installation /hook up

2.After balancing ,volt differences could be within 5-10mV for lithium type battery ,

10-20mV for lead acid batteries

3.No waste energy ,energy transfer & dynamic, make sure pack in health statues like always

4.Battery volt of each cell with high consistency ,make sure battery capacity ah maximized used,

extended battery span-life apparently

5.No battery series /parallel limitation due to strong balance current

6.No capacity limitation ,withstand low temp ,wide use application

7.With stock,avalibale model : 2v /6v/12v lead acid battery balancer ,

Products Model 

Lithium Battery Balancer 


155*70*20mm   0.8kg/pcs



Suitable Battery Type

Lithium Ion ,LiFepo4,LTO,NCM,Nickel ,Super capacitor

Balancing volt range 


Balancing Tech 

100% Active/Energy transfer/Dynamic/No waste energy 

Volt difference after balancing 


Balance Current 

Max 6A-10A

Balancer Advantages 

Can use in series/No capacity limitation

Approved Certification 

CE/USA Patents/China Patents

Storage/working  Temprature

-40 to 80 °C/ -40 to 100 °C

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 3 Years of warrany +3days with tracking number +Fast delivery +Logo customize service


We know about your worries :Why may battery bms with weak balance /Why my battery can't be fully charged /How to revive my old battery /how to repair my battery /What's good for my battery packs.


You might need try our battery voltage balancer/also called battery equalizer /active bms

After balancing ,voltage of each cell gonna be within 5-10mv 



do i need a battery balancerBatteries in series equalize

 Why need active balancing.jpg

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Q & A for balancer

 Q: Why active bms more expensive than passive bms?

A:Active balancer is for extending battery spanlife /Keeping your pack in healthy /reviving old battery /save your purchase frequency of cells,not a cheap options ,can use in series for high volt of pack ,no ah capacity limitation,it's more fair to compared balancer price to your battery pack cost


Q: How many balance current ?

A: Normally it's can reach 6-10A ,but you won't have this large volt difference of pack , 300MV=1A, also depends on balancing time & battery capacity


Q:What's the differences of 1S to balancer module 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S?

A: Same function ,difference apperance, balance module without cable included ,no led option


Q: 1S balancer can mix with balancer module?

A: No dear, 1S with different components inside


Q: Did battery balancer equalizer with monitor function?

A: No ,active balancer mian function is balancing volt of each cell , 100% active , no waste energy of pack .so no other function who need power from pack .


Q: Did balancer can use together with bms ?

Yes they can work together , balancer for balancing bms for making sure battery in safe range


Q: What's bad & goods of balancers?

Good, strong balance ,revive old battery ,testing bad cells,

Bad, while with large volt differences ,gonna with low frequency voice


Q: How to choose balancer for my battery pack ?

A: 1S balancer use for 1 series of battery pack ,no capacity limitation ,you can connected in series to balance whole bank

If u got 4S battery pack , u can use 4 pcs 1S or 1pcs 4S balancer module 

If you got 16S battery pack ,u can use 16pcs 1S or 4pcs 4S balancer module ,or 2 pcs 8S balancer module


Q:What is active balancing tech

A:Matching the soc of each cell ,active cell balancing redistributes charge during the charging and discharging cycle,unlike passive cell balancing ,which simply dissipatescharging during the charge cycle,thus active cell balancing increased system run-time,and can increase the charging effeciency,active balancing requires a more complex ,larger footprint solution ,not a cheap solution


Q: What else benbv  u can offer ?

A: Lithium ion batteries,chargers, obc chargers, ev cable and connectors,active bms ,passive bms.



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