Product Overview


live canadian lobster : premium zones 33-38 (we don't fish other zones) , only grade A , mostly male lobster , fully meated , hardshell .


we use cloudpack to reduce mortality , box can travel up to 60 hours in transit , we ship pallets mostly : 80 boxes / 100 boxes /120 boxes


our facility can handle and export approximately over 45,000 lb / week in season ,

we ship every monday : ke 288 yhz-icn (direct) connects to different cities in china /taiwan

tuesday/wednesday/thursday  will be via cargo jet into toronto , yhz -yyz connects ke 074 / 284

yyz - icn then connects to different cities in china , we have extremely good track record with ke

mortalities noramally filled between 1-3% on most shipments ,

we also ship hanoi / ho chi minh / kuala lumpur / singapore using qatar air cargo via doha

procedure :

1.sizes you require

2. we will check against our inventory

3. sign back with sizes we have

4. issue poforma for wire

5. receipt of wire (2-? ) days , noramally ship 4 - 5 days after receipt of funds in our bank

6. booked flights , advise customer schedule

7. ship product

8. email customer : health cert / invoice (actual) / packing / air way bill

9. goods arrived

10. follow up with customers if any problems such as : mortalities

11. restart everything again to do the next round


note :

A. we will substitute sizes , if we feel that some lobster are not fully seasoned( clear stomach) before travel on day of packing , customers needs to be flexible

B. weather related issues , such as snow storm /ice storm where we know there will be delay at the airport or may not make connecting flights (we will cancelled the shipments and reschedule to ship again) this procedure do save our customers money and no need to deal with enormous amount of mortality


please contact me , we carry all sizes and will try best to accomadate

my wechat : carywong88 , all videos will be send via wechat


goldenclaw lobster corp , int'l sales 



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