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Product Description

   WATER Level electrode

Model No.SpecificationInstall TypePackPack WeightCarton
DJM1615-115M16×1.5×115external thread 10pc/Pack  
DJM 1615-97M16×1.5×9710pc/Pack 
DJM 1615-87M16×1.5×8710pc/Pack  
DJM 1815-115M18×1.5×11510pc/Pack  
DJM 1815-87M18×1.5×87/97




Company Information


Product Name: Boiler water level probe tip electrode rod outer thread type level sensor

Model: DJM1615-87

Material: high-alumina ceramic alloy +

Product Specifications: Length 87mm Thread M16 * 1.5

Usage: widely used in electricity generation and medium-sized boilers, dyeing, chemical and other industrial and mining enterprises.



Package Includes:

1 x WATER Level electrode


 The measuring device can be used to detect the level of boiler drum, high and low pressure heaters, deaerator steam machines and other heat exchangers. Regulators may also be used for water tanks, condensers, water tanks and other liquid level measurement
Second, the structural characteristics of
Electrode point level gauge in the power, petroleum, chemical and other industries have a wide range of application history, however, has not changed in the past as a idealized design, structure it in a measuring device, the interface circuit design parameters were secondary instrument there are some flaws, resulting in false detection level phenomenon, especially in the spring and summer of high and low pressure heater, deaerator exchange system level detection, measurement error phenomenon higher frequency. This creates a serious impact on production equipment operation safety and economy. DJM series of electrical contacts water level gauge type electrode and UDZ color digital intelligent electrical contact level gauge support, widely used in electricity generation and medium-sized boilers, dyeing, chemical and other industrial and mining enterprises, the monitoring of boiler drum water level, high-pressure heaters, except oxygen, evaporator, condenser, boiler starting splitters and dual water-cooled generator water tank level measurement and other conductive liquid level measurement.

Electrode (electrically connected) models and specifications

No. Model specifications and contact form measuring cartridges
01 DJM1615-115 type M16 × 1.5 × 115 external threaded type insulation
02 DJM1615-87 type M16 × 1.5 × 87 uninsulated
03 DJM1615-97 type M16 * 1.5 * 97
04 DJM1815-87 type M18 × 1.5 × 87/97/115
05 DJY1712-115 type Φ17 × Φ12 × 87 push-type insulation
06 DJY1712-87 type Φ17 × Φ12 × 87 uninsulated
07 DJY2212-115 type Φ22 × Φ12 × 115 push-type insulation
Level 08 DJY2212-87 type Φ22 × Φ12 × 87 uninsulated

Third, the water level gauge electric contact electrode of the technical requirements are as follows:
Temperature: ≤540 ℃
Pressure: ≤42Mpa
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
Manufacturing materials: insulating portion was 99.9% high purity alumina
Conductor portion of alloy steel
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