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Fasting (in the morning/before bed or before lunch) 1~3 times a day (10~20cc each time) Depending on personal experience and response, after drinking it directly, drink it with plenty of warm water for the best experience. (If you are not comfortable, please reduce the amount or suspend drinking for a few days) (Do not use for frying at high temperatures above 180 degrees c)
Eat good oil, drain bad oil
How to eat 1. Drink directly 2. Cold Mix 3. Spread bread and food 4. Wipe the body directly
Sacha Inchi oil introduction
Sacha Inchi oil, also known as South American oil vine, Inca fruit, and Inca peanut, is a perennial woody vine of Euphorbiaceae, whose seed oil is edible. The main components of Sacha Inchi oil are bioactive substances such as oil, protein, amino acids, vitamins, sterols, and secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, saponins and coumarin. The oil content of the seeds is 40%-50%, and the oil part is mainly composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omg-369), which can be called the world plant nutrition "longevity fruit king" and "plant brain gold". He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris World Expo from 2004 to 2007 and was hailed as plant brain gold.
Sacha Inchi oil
The main ingredient of Sacha Inchi oil is fat. Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 unsaturated fatty acids in oils and fats are up to 92%, of which Omega3 content is up to 47%. Sacha Inchi oil is recognized as the best cooking oil. No other cooking oil has more abundant and balanced Omega 3/6/9 than Sacha Inchi oil.
Superfood-Sacha Inchi oil
Sacha Inchi oil contains about 30 times as much vitamin E as olive oil.
Ingesting 100 grams of Sacha Inchi oil is equivalent to ingesting 12 servings of salmon Omega-3
Inspection Report
No pesticides, no heavy metals, no aflatoxin

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