A003 - Aidigo barbecue seasoning with basil 30g

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Product Overview


Product Description

Aidigo barbecue seasoning 

with basil and pepper

The perfect seasoning for barbecue and different meat dishes. A harmonious mixture of Caucasian herbs, paprika, and hot spices give the meat a delicious aroma, and mustard makes it tender and retains juiciness.

Key features

- 100% natural product;
- Harmonious and rich seasoning composition
- Without salt!
- There is an intuitive infographic about the application on the back.


Coriander, garlic, sugar, red paprika (pieces), mustard powder, ground paprika, basil, mustard seeds, bay leaf, parsley, hot red pepper, white pepper, acidity regulator citric acid



Seasoning "Adjika sauce with garlic and red pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Spicy Beef" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "For Korean Salads" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "For meat with chili pepper and cinnamon" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "For vegetable salads with garlic and dill" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "For soup" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Roast in taiga style with juniper and black pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Goldfish with oregano and dill" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Indian Curry" 30 g Aidigo
Seasoning "Flavored potatoes with kurrat and sweet marjoram" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Spicy chicken with chili pepper and ginger" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Ruddy chicken with rosemary and garlic" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Spicy Chicken with paprika and turmeric" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Lemon Pepper"
Seasoning "Pasta Navy-style with spicy herbs and paprika."
Seasoning "Nut" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Chicken pilaff with turmeric and greens" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Oriental pilaff with cumin and barberry" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Homemade salted fish with white pepper and cardamom" 100 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "High-quality salo with garlic and black pepper" 100 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Ruddy pork with ginger and star anise " 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "European pork with garlic" 30g Aidigo
Seasoning "Mix of six peppers" 30 g Aidigo
Seasoning "Super-grill with coriander and thyme" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Universal for your favorite dishes" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Home stuffing with nutmeg and white pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Kharcho with garlic and red pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Khmeli-suneli" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Chicken tobacco with turmeric and red pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Garlic and Pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Hot spicy barbecue with paprika" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Flavored barbecue with basil and pepper" 30 g. Aidigo
Seasoning "Provencal herbs" 15 g Aidigo
Seasoning "Italian herbs" 15 g Aidigo



1. EAEU Declaration of Conformity No. RU D-RU.NA41.V from 09/25/18
2. The test report of LLC Center of testing and metrology No. 00501-08 / 18-05-IM dated 09/20/18

3. ISO 22000:2005 CH16/0686


1. Innovative product Prodexpo 2019 - Gold medal

2. Innovative product Prodexpo 2016 - Silver medal

3. Diploma "Product of the year 2017"

Packing & Delivery
Net Weight
30g per sachet
320 pcs/box
Size of package(cm)
42 x 32 x 35
Weight of package(gross,kg) 
Packages on pallet
Shelf life(months)
Production capacity(pcs/month)
660 000
Prices in offer
EXW Ekaterinburg
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