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Product Overview


Product Description
Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Gummy Bears maximize the qualities of the pure isolate we procure from our processing lab in Colorado.
  • 25mg of CBD per piece
  • 0% THC
  • 3 Size Options:  10 Count, 30 Count, & 60 Count
  • Flavors of cherry, pineapple, apple, orange & lemon
Packaging & Shipping


  • This product is packaged in a clear plastic bottle with white cap & heat sealed for safety.

  • Shipping is provided through either USPS or UPS and shipping cost varies depending on quantity of products ordered & shipping destination.

Our Services


  • Cannabidiol Life is a full service hemp-derived cannabinoid company offering the highest quality Finished Products & Bulk Extracts including Ingestibles, Edibles, Smokeables and Topicals.
  • Private label services offered with a $10,000 minimum order value.  
Company Information


 Company Headquarters: 2620 Iroquois Ave, Sanford, Florida 32773

 Manufacturing Facility: 511 McKinley Ave, Ft Lupton, Colorado 80621

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About Our Company


Our Philosophy - People -  Planet - Profit  


The third “P” gets all the attention from most businesses, but it’s worthless without committing to the first two: 


1.) People - Help & take care of people first...ALWAYS.


2.) Planet - Take care of our planet. Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that will help preserve our planet for future generations; if we utilize it to its FULLEST potential.  


3.) Profit - Only after the first two are emphasized & acted upon first, can we truly PROFIT.


What Sets Us Apart?



Cannabidiol Life started as an education/research-only company. Recognizing the educational gap in the market, we compiled one of the most comprehensive CBD education databases available. Each condition has a brief synopsis of the benefits of CBD, all linked to medical studies to support each article. We spent over 8 months comprehensively explaining every medical piece of research we could find and making it available on www.CannabidiolLife.com. We didn’t stop there - we continue to stay on the cutting edge of research & development to deliver the most innovative & highest quality products on the market, and keeping our customers & partners up to date on all things Hemp with our informative blog.(1) CL Education Center.jpgCL Homepage Education.jpg

Extraction (PATENTED Process):


By Hemp “Cradling” in Organic Ethyl Alcohol (ethanol) - This process takes much longer than CO2 extraction but yields a higher concentration of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids and many more beneficial “phytomolecules” per plant. 


The Result = Higher Quality CBD Product!CCR Technology.pngCCR Technology Live Pic.jpg

About Our Hemp

What strain of hemp does Cannabidiol Life extract from?

When referring to “strains”, the correct term is “cultivar” but they are used interchangeably in the cannabis world. Our certified organic farm grows for a unique terpene profile and thus grows the Cherry Wine cultivar. Cherry Wine (a high CBD hemp cultivar) is one of the best known and sought after in the industry. Cherry Wine is one of the few high CBD hemp cultivars that perform well, that are listed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and is available as seeds & clones. Due to its prodigious cannabinoids production, Cherry Wine hemp does need to be managed carefully to ensure it doesn’t exceed the 0.3% THC limit. For this reason, we work with the best growers in the world to ensure quality, safety & efficacy.



Cherry Wine is among the genus of the hemp plant with some of the greatest levels of potency in the complete entourage of cannabinoids available in extraction. 


Okay, what did we just say? Let us break it down for you:


A cross between two cultivars (strains) known as "The Wife" and "Charlotte's Cherry", the Cherry Wine hemp cultivar is fruity & floral with high cannabidiol (CBD) and low trace amounts of THC. The notes are pine and a little skunk.


The phenotype, "The Wife", is rich with trichomes - the sticky rosin we look for - and was graphed to "Charlotte's Cherries”, creating the hybrid we now call "Cherry Wine". Once we saw many generations successfully come of the genetics, we set out to make use of this unique & effervescent cultivar to extract and create some of the world's best CBD products available on the market today.


Grown in the beauty of 360 average days of sun in the Colorado Rockies and watered by pure artesian waters, our Cherry Wine is among the highest grade cultivar available anywhere in the world and has been known to test as high as 25% CBD in some cases!

We strongly felt this cultivar would have the most impact, offering the most bioavailability & efficacy of any other strain, and thus formulated our products exclusively from it.


We believe in doing everything using nothing but the best in class, because we feel that our customers friends & family deserve nothing but the very best CBD in the world!Hemp Flower.jpg


 How Does CBD work?

Our brain is composed of about 100 billion cells. These cells are called neurons. Neurons communicate through structures called synapses. Synapses are composed of transmitters and receptors. When a synapse is inactive (off), there exists no communication between transmitter and receptor. When a synapse is active (on), the transmitters release a molecule across the synapse to activate the receptor. The effects of these interactions show up in our brain and body.

CBD, and other cannabinoids, interact with your brain in a similar fashion as described above. When it hits your bloodstream, CBD activates many different receptors including CB1, CB2, Serotonin, Vanilloid and Adenosine. These receptors influence a variety of bodily functions, including pain sensory, appetite, immune function, anxiety, memory and mood.Endo System.jpg


What is the correct CBD Dosage?

We’ve sifted through medical research studies & teamed up with industry medical practitioners & professionals to offer you direct guidance. For an in-depth look at CBD dosage, please read our article https://cbdoilsandedibles.com/cbd-dosage/. See below for graphics describing recommended dosing of CBD.CBD Dosage Chart.jpg

Body Weight (lbs) x 0.325mg (CBD)

= Recommended CBD MG Dosecbd-dosage-calculator.png

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Marijuana (the female) is the variety of Cannabis Sativa L. that has been bred specifically for its medical benefits and/or psychotropic effects. Hemp (the male) is the variety of Cannabis Sativa L. plant cultivars (strains) which contain very low levels of THC (0.3% or below) and is typically used for its fiber and seeds, now used for its potential therapeutic benefits.



Why do you use MCT oil as your carrier oil instead of other oils? 

MCT oil is the most bioavailable oil, converting at a very fast rate directly to an energy source in the body; therefore more easily broken down by the digestive system and absorbed. For example, coconut oil converts at about a 40% rate vs. almost 100% rate for MCT Oil. Hemp Seed, Olive, Grapeseed, Avocado & Sunflower oils are NOT superior carrier oils for this reason.HOMEOSTASIS IMAGE.png

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