Good Healthy And Natural Organic Gluten Free Spinach Powder Spinaca Farms Organically Grown In USA

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Fresh Certified Organic/Non GMO Spinach Powder
Fresh Certified Organic/Non GMO Spinach Powder

Organic Spinach Powder

Spinaca Farms 100% Spinach Beet Juice Powder is derived from a specific variety of organic savoy spinach that is grown and
harvested at its optimal peak freshness. Once harvested it is chilled to retain its vitamins, minerals, color and flavor prior to
drying. Once the product is ready for drying, we use Enviro-Dry technology that gently removes the water from the product without
the use of harsh chemicals, excipients, processing aids or flow agents rending the product as pure as when it was harvested. The
finished product is milled to a 70um and is water soluble. Product is tested for pathogens, nutritionals, heavy metals, pesticide
residues and yeast and molds prior to being packaged. All product is 100% USDA certified organic, NON-GMO validated and the entire
supply chain is FSMA/GFSI validated.


Product Type
Spinach Powder
Place of Origin
United States
Spinaca Farms

Packing & Delivery

This fresh certified organic/non gmo spinach powder is packed in 4 mil bags inside a sealed mylar bag.

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