K45mt-dy-3 Multi Spindle Wood Furniture Making Cnc Router with low cost

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Product Overview


DayMax Jinan China CNC Machinery

Jinan DayMax CNC Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Jinan, China, specializes in manufacturing and exporting non-metal CNC equipment. Our portfolio ranges from multi-sized Five-Axis Machining Centers, Working Centers for Panel Industry, Panel Sizing Centers, Point-to-Point Machines, to various Wood-Working Centers and CNC Routers. All the products are widely used in furniture, woodworking, advertising, mould, electric, CAD/CAM industry mould, clothing, package printing, marking, and so on. Aim to build a high-quality and reliable brand, we insist on adopting Europe techniques in the production and using import components on the machine. All the products are certificated by ISO9001:2008 and CE. Until now, Daymax have been exporting to over 90 countries and districts, such as Germany, USA, Canada, South Korea, Russia, India, Egypt, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and so on. With exquisite quality and perfect after-service, these products are well received by users. Welcome to your visit, Daymax is always here for you.




1.Has a good reputation in the market.
2.With seamless steel structure, the machine is stable and not easy to be deformed.
3.High-speed stepping motor and imported air-cooling spindle improve the engraving speed 
4.Excellent brand, excellent quality is our forward strength.
5.Operating system is controlled by handle




 Applicable materials /Applications

 wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, plaster. the composite panel, composite boards, foam, EPS, styrofoam, fiberglass, aluminum board, density board, wave board, PVC, acrylic, crystal, light marble, and other nonmetal materials and light metal materials

Applicable industry/Applications in Industries

Signs making such as signage, led signage, logo signage, custom signage, metal signage, commercial and residential signs, office signs, 3D LED signboards, 3D LED signage, cutting panels, led sign, led lit box sign, 3D lettering. Neon sign, channel letters, Box sign furniture making such as wood doors, cabinet, kitchen, bed, table, desk, chairs, solid wood doors. custom wood doors, front door, door manufacture, interior doors, exterior doors, windows Decorations 3D wall, wall paneling, exhibition displays Musical Instrument making such as guitar, piano, violin, etc. 





Pre-sales Service

Our professional team will help you find the most suitable model according to your requirements. Both OEM and Customized services are available.

After-sales service

1Guarantee for one year2.24-hour technical support by e-mail.calling or remote control3.Free technician training at the factory 






Working area


Working precision


Repeated positioning accuracy


Feeding height


Spindle power

Chinese HQD 6KW air cooling spindle *2/3/4 pcs

Spindle Speed

0-24000 RPM

Rail type

Taiwan PMI/ original Japan THK

Control system

SYNTEC / NC Studio

Drive type

YASKAWA / Delta / WEIHONG/ Stepper


Delta/ Fuling inverter


Chinese Helical

Table type

vacuum table/ vacuum T slot clamping

Max travel speed


Max working speed




Compatible Software

Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/UcancamV8 etc

Command code

HPGL, G code

Machine/packing size


Net/Gross weight




The maintenance of the engraving machine includes the following aspects

1. Check before starting up every day; such as: whether the communication line, motor  line, and  line are loose and whether the voltage is stable; then turn on the power of the machine, operate the machine to move back and forth twice, and start work.
2. Clean the sensor (optocoupler, proximity switch) to prevent dust, powder and oil from sticking to the sensor, affecting its sensitivity or causing false touches.
3. Clean the dust and debris on the exposed rails (polished rods), and clean them with No. 2 oil, and add butter or No. 2 lithium base grease after cleaning.
4. After the day’s work is completed, first take off the carving knife and let the spindle chuck and lock nut be in a relaxed state. This is helpful to extend the service life of the spindle chuck. Then we start to clean the work surface, which can be cleaned with a brush; note that it is usually best not to pile up all debris on the work surface to avoid deformation of the platform.
5. The engraving machine of the water-cooled spindle should ensure that the cooling water is clean and the water pump is working normally. The water-cooled spindle motor must not be lacking in water. The cooling water should be replaced regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high. Water tank.
6. Move the machine head to the lower left or lower right position to prevent collision, and then cut off the power; never pull the plug when the power is on.
7. Maintenance of the engraving machine when it is not used for a long time: When the engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be powered on 1-2 times a week, especially during the rainy season when the environment is relatively humid. Let the engraving machine run dry for about an hour. Use the heat of the electrical components to dissipate the moisture in the numerical control system to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.
8. Maintenance of the inverter: The inverter has been debugged before leaving the factory. It is forbidden to debug and change the wiring privately to prevent the motor or the inverter from being damaged by data input errors.
9. Clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the circuit box regularly. Please regularly check whether the fans on the electric control box are working properly. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the electric control box regularly. Check whether the terminal screws are loose to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit. use.
10. The door of the electric control box should be opened as little as possible, and it is forbidden to open the door. During engraving, there will be dust, wood chips or metal powder in the air. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the electric control box, it is easy to cause components. The insulation resistance between the devices decreases, even causing damage to the components and circuit boards.
11. Regularly check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose.
12. Maintenance of vacuum pump:
A. The wire mesh in the suction port of the water circulating air pump is used to prevent foreign dust particles from entering the pump body. This filter should be kept clean at all times to avoid clogging and reduce the pumping speed. When the pump is not in use, it should be powered on every few days. Minutes to prevent the pump body from being rusty and unable to operate normally.
B .Vacuum pump should also loosen the wing nut and take out the paper 





Woodworking Machinery Safety Knowledge

 We all know that there will always be a broken day in the machine, but if there are regular maintenance and repairs and proper use, the maximum mechanical life can be achieved. So what should you pay attention to in the maintenance and repair of machinery? First of all, equipped with full-time or part-time electrical maintenance and repair personnel, regular maintenance and repair of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances. Woodworking machinery and electrical appliances have high requirements for the professional level of maintenance personnel. The general electrical personnel of furniture factories still have certain difficulties in the maintenance of difficult mechanical and electrical equipment. However, under the guidance of the machine manufacturer, the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the electrical appliance can be done, and the accidents caused by the use of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances can be eliminated at any time. In addition, in the process of mechanical use, it is necessary to scientifically estimate the power of the machine and the reasonable configuration of the meter capacity. After adding new machinery and equipment, furniture manufacturers must re-estimate the total power consumption of the enterprise. If the original electrical capacity is insufficient, it must be increased. It cannot wait until the machine fails and then increase capacity. Light-adding equipment does not increase the power consumption capacity, which is equivalent to burying the hidden dangers of electrical disasters. The electrical circuit must be inspected regularly, and the old cable with insufficient cross-sectional area must be replaced to ensure the use of mechanical and electrical equipment. In the case of regional voltage stability, the voltage within the unit may be unstable. Consider replacing the cable; in the case of regional voltage instability, consider adding capacity and replacing the cable. Finally, we must adjust the power usage frequency and make reasonable use of electrical energy. The power consumption of woodworking machinery is large and small. In the production of furniture, it is necessary to reasonably match the machinery with different power levels to maintain the relative balance of mechanical power consumption per unit time. With the increase of furniture products, woodworking machinery is also growing, paying attention to mechanical maintenance and safety, not only can improve the efficiency of furniture processing, but also effectively extend the life of the machine.


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