Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Sisal Fiber UG Grade,100% natural sisal fiber from kenya,Natural Sisal Fiber

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Price:RUB 56,814.98 - RUB 90,903.96
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Product Overview


Grade A UG Sisal Fiber

Length of fiber is from 110 cm upwards. Color of fiber is creamy white to cream. It's free from defective decortication and properly brushed. Free of undecorticated barks, harshness, knots, tousled and bunchy ends.
Moreover, fiber is properly brushed, free of undecorticated barks, harshness, knots, tousled and bunchy ends. It is also free of tows.
A 40ft container carries 26-28 tons sisal fiber, 280 bales of 100 kg per bale. A 20ft container carries 14 tons sisal fiber, 140 bales of 100 kg per bale.

Sisal Fiber Grade UG/SSUG

Grade: Grade A
Fiber Length: 110-130CM
Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 6%-9%
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: natural white, Brown and between white and brown.
Packaging: 250kg


Our sisal fiber is made from the high quality sisal hemp, which is strong enough. The sisal fiber can be used to produce many products, for example sisal rope, cable etc. The sisal fiber is with strong tenacity, good tension and pliable, high friction resistance, high acid and the sisal fiber is alkali-resisting to corrosiveness etc. The sisal fiber is widely used in making ropes, cores for steel wire rope, cable, polishing buff, carpet, pulp, building materials, doormat and other different kinds of products.  

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Sisal Fibers Known as the raw material for sacks the world over, sisal is truly one of the most versatile fibers gifted to man by nature that finds various uses in the form of handicrafts. Next to cotton.


Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Type:Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1, 2, 3 and 4
Form:Container 20” (12MT) our 40"  (28MT)
Natural size of the fiber: Between 90cm to 1.20cm

sisal fiber: Grade A

Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 10%-13%.
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: cream white cream, Brown.

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Grade of Quality
90cm (3 feet) upwards
60cm (2 feet) upwards
60cm (2 feet) upwards
Impurity Rate
≤ 3 %
≤ 5 %
≤ 12 %
Moisture Content
12~ 13.5 %
12~ 13.5 %
12~ 13.5 %
Whitish & Yellowish
 Whitish & Yellowish
 Yellowish & Brownish
100 kgs/bale
100 kgs/bale
100 kgs/bale
Loading Q.ty.  (20ft)
10 MT
10 MT
8.5 MT
Loading Q.ty. (40hc)
23 MT
23 MT
20 MT


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