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Product Overview


Product Name
DuraOne Heavy Rubbing Cut Compound
Liquid Water Based Compound
473 Ml (Net 16 Fl. Oz)
Shelf Life
2 Years
1. Hybrid for professional rubbing and polishing
2. Fix moderate to heavy scratches equivalent to p800~2000 sanding scratch, swirls, scuff marks, spider webbing and most surface
3. Restore the gloss and shine of car surface and bring it back to its original brilliance
4. Great to use it with RO/DA/GA rotary buffering machines at speed 800 to 1200 rotation per minutes, as hand compound will only work with light scuffing, machine buffing is best and fast
5. Good ductility & reduce compounding time, making restoration a quicker and easier job
6. Contains no wax and silicone, does not cover scratches, easy to degrease
7. One bottle can work on 10 cars which is extremely cost effective for car users

Product Description
Hybrid Rubbing and Polishing Compound has advanced cutting formulation to give an excellent cut and a very high gloss surface with minimal swirl marks and perfect finish paintwork at the same time. Also, it is suitable for all types of RO/DA/GA rotary buffering machines.

How To Use
1. Wash and Dry your Car

2. Work on scratched area and make sure to apply the compound on a cool clean surface and out of direct sunlight. If applying by hand, apply the compound onto a damp applicator pad over a small area at a time. Rub the compound into the surface using back and forth motion. For better results, use a buffer or polisher with a clean polishing pad to move it across the paint surface in the direction the metal flows, using back and forth motion and minimal pressure on the medium speed setting.

3. Remove the excess compound using a microfiber towel and assess the result.

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