Biggest Exporter of Russia Ginger Extract Oil for Different Use

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Biggest Exporter of Russia Ginger Extract  Oil for Different Use


 CO2 extract of ginger contains gingerol and zingeberen, these two compounds determine the taste, aroma and functional characteristics of the extract. In addition, the extract contains camphene, linoolol, felandren, bisabolene, borniol, citral, and cineole. The extract exhibits primarily anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, tonic, warming and analgesic properties. Also, ginger extract can be considered as an immunomodulatory substance, especially in combination with other extracts that affect the state of the immune system.


When extracting by the method of CO2-extraction, liquefied carbon dioxide is used as a solvent - carbon dioxide, which, under normal environmental conditions, completely evaporates from the composition of the product. At the same time, no other co-extractants are used for CO2-extracts for food purposes, therefore, there is simply no danger of adverse effects of "heavy" solvents on the body.


At the same time, the high selectivity of liquefied CO2 in relation to non-polar compounds and low process temperatures allow us to assert that CO2 extracts are indeed naturally balanced complexes with the full composition of biologically active fat-soluble compounds in their native (undisturbed) form. At the same time, 100% CO2-extracts, in fact, are concentrates of natural lipophilic compounds. This makes it possible to produce on their basis both dietary and vitamin supplements, which are pharmaceutical products, and functional food products with the possibility of a sufficiently accurate determination of their subsequent biological activity due to the precise regulation of the main active compounds.
















Product Name Ginger CO2 Extract Oil
Type Ginger Oil
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White birch are premium eco products. The harvesting tradition of 1937. Our company procures raw materials only in ecologically safe places in Siberia. In places of harvesting, there is no anthropogenic impact on the environment. All harvesting occurs using manual labor and eliminates the negative impact on the environment.


Our raw materials are used by factories and enterprises for the production of various extracts and other products that are used in medicine, cosmetology and other industries.


Our herbal teas are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, stomach and intestinal ulcers, diabetes mellitus, psoriasis and others. Also, the use of our drinks enhances immunity, vitality and promotes longevity.


The priority of our company is to establish long-term mutually beneficial relations with factories and plants producing various extracts and preparations, as well as work with distributors and wholesale suppliers.



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