Outdoor LED Flood light Hybrid Mobile Power Wind Turbine Solar Trailer

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Outdoor LED Flood light  Hybrid Mobile Power Wind Turbine  Solar Trailer


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Outdoor LED flood light hybrid mobile power wind turbine solar trailer is a mobile trailer that was equipped with outdoor LED flood light and powered by solar and wind energy.




The wind solar hybrid lighting trailer is widely used at communication base stations, microwave stations, border posts, remote pastoral areas, areas without electricity, and islands. When far away from the large power grid, in a state of no electricity, sparsely populated, low electricity load and inconvenient transportation, the use of this an economical and practical lighting tower  trailer constructed by abundant wind and solar energy in the region are the best choice.


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1. Full use of wind energy and solar energy to generate complementary power without external power supply;


2. Eliminate construction of substations, erection of high and low voltage lines and high and low voltage power distribution systems;


3. It has the characteristics of day and night complementarity and seasonal complementarity, the system is stable and reliable, and cost-effective;


4. The maintenance workload of power facilities and the corresponding expenses have been greatly reduced;


5. Independent power supply, will not affect the electricity consumption of all farmers in the event of natural disasters;


6. Low-voltage power supply, safe operation and simple maintenance;


Composition of wind and solar hybrid power generation system:


1.Small wind turbines, solar panels, wind and solar hybrid controllers, inverters, batteries


2. Typical case of wind and solar hybrid power generation system



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