Special Minerals Extracted Bulk Health Supplements Powder From Wild Plants

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Wild Reduction plants "Ouhi no chikara"
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Wild Reduction Plants “Ouhi no Chikara”

■Normalize your immunity with ultimate minerals
The ultimate minerals are the main ingredients
“Ouhi no Chikara” uses special minerals extracted from carefully selected various wild plants using a special high heat processing method to remove any toxic substances. The minerals have high reduction rates and antioxidant power which is obtained only from wild plants, not from artificial chemicals, and improves immune system by maintaining good mineral balance in your body.

Modern life puts you at risk of mineral imbalance
In daily life our body encounters and absorb all kinds of harmful substances such as food additives and chemicals. They become oxidized in our body and drop our immunity level. Immune deficiency lowers body’s autoimmune system which attacks emerging cancer cells, making you more receptive to infections and diseases caused by viruses, allergies such as pollen allergy and atopic allergy, fatigue, diarrhea, and skin irritations. Some mineral imbalance is inevitable with age. This supplement helps to maintain good mineral balance to restore (normalize) oxidized cells by flushing toxic chemicals out of your body, and ultimately help to achieve ideal immune level to keep you healthy and less likely to have diseases.

Key to good health is balance of minerals, not quantity
Good nutrition itself doesn’t necessarily make you healthy, because having one element too much than other in minerals leads to mineral imbalance, resulting unhealthy state. The key to health is the balanced ratio of elements in minerals you take, not the quantity. Well-balanced minerals are similar with body fluid, thus easy to be absorbed, and helps you to achieve maximum vitality.

Strong reduction power helps to restore your healthy body from oxidation
It is said that about 2% of oxygen you breathe everyday becomes active oxygen. The active oxygen has strong bactericidal power and plays an important roll for fighting against toxic bacteria and viruses, however, sometimes it also attacks and oxidizes normal body cells and genes when excessively proliferates. “Ouhi no Chikara” helps to maintain a healthy body which is less likely to have lifestyle-related diseases by eliminating excessive active oxidants thereby avoiding oxidation in your body.

Used to treat severe diseases such as Graves' disease in U.S.
The ultimate minerals are used to treat cancer, Parkinson disease, diabetes, and atopic allergy, not only in the U.S. but in Korea as well.

■User Profile
“Ouhi no Chikara” is the perfect supplement for those who suffer symptoms from cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis in addition to promote one’s health.

■Directions / Suggested dosage per day
Take 2~10 packets per day with water or lukewarm water.
Recommended to take couple times throughout a day, after every meal, or during every meal.
This supplement can be taken with medication prescribed from your doctor.

■From Customers
“Reduction Plants” Testimonials

1.Female, 58 years old
Breast cancer/Gastric cancer
Really works for improving immunity

I had diagnosed with breast cancer at age of 37, and gone on breast conservative therapy. Then at age of 51, I was diagnosed with gastric cancer. I chose to have surgery though I was already tired of surgeries and radiation therapy. I realized that it would be better to find ways to prevent further cancer beforehand than seeking treatment after another one emerges. Finally I found “Reduction Plants” during my quest of further cancer prevention.
Unlike the supplements I had taken before, I really felt that “Reduction Plants” has positive effects in my body. By taking I feel that recovery from the symptoms such as headache become much quicker, and blood circulation in whole body was getting better. Even after surgery “Reduction Plants” helped to improve my immunity. It has been 14 years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and 7 years with gastric cancer, still my concern is that I might have recurrence. However, I feel assured that quality of my life would not be affected by the recurrence because now I have “Reduction Plants” on my side to fight against cancer.

2.Male, in 60’s
Pancreatic cancer
Even with growing cancer, my QOL was improved

I had stage-4 pancreatic cancer with metastasis and recurrence. The doctor told me that surgery would not work, and that’s basically meant that there was no way to cure the cancer that I have. I was suffering loss of appetite, but after taking “Reduction Plants” I could gradually start eating. During the half year I was taking “Reduction Plants”, I was able to enjoy alcohol again. Further, it made possible for me to enjoy a trip to Europe.

Please contact us for many more happy results and product details.

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Keeping the doctor away.
Our mission is to provide effective health supplements which become an asset to our customers, with our relentless care and thoughts of what we can do to maximize people’s health and quality of life.Established in 2001, many of our long-running products have been acquiring many loyal customers and enjoying astounding repeat rates.In today’s living environment with polluted air and water, processed food, food additives, and everyday stress, our chance of getting sick is not small but more profound. We, as a health supplement provider, are hoping to bring smiles to everyone by taking a part in achieving “a strong, healthy body that will less likely get ill” and “extend a healthy life span” bringing fulfillment to people’s lives.We are proud of our products that are safe and chemical free. We set strict inspection safety standards on our products to pass quality control. Not to mention that there are many credible evidences and clinical cases through numerous studies and researches at reputable institutions such as universities to vouch our products effectiveness.
Many customer statements of life changing results that we received who were suffering symptoms from illness such as lifestyle-related diseases prove the product works!
OEM is available. Please consult with our representatives.
Our products won the prestigious Silver award in the health food category of “PAVONE PREMIUM QUALITY AWARD” which is given only to excellent products.

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