ELLAIM&HENDY Portabal Hydrogen Water

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Home-made Hydrogen-Rich Water Maker PITCHERS
Able to generate plenty of hydrogen water in short time by choice both of 3 minute or 5 minute.

 It is to make neutral water without turning PH into Alkalic so that everybody can drink without any side effets.



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Product Description



* Generate hexagonal water with hexagonally structured molecules
* Protects the electrodes by a self cleaning function
* The finest self-developed platinum electrodes
* Adapt electroylysis of water
* Easy one touch buttons
*The finest platinum electrodes

•Keeps the same pH with the one from  tap water
•It contains minerals beneficial to human body, not the heavy metals
•Red-oxi potential should be negative
•The size of water molecule group(clusters) should be small
•There should not be any harmful microorganism such as E. Coli or bacteria
•It should be rich in dissolved hydrogen to eliminate active oxygen




Antioxidant drinking Water -300~-480 negative ORP
Highly dissolved hydrogen Max.900ppb
Keeps pH from same one with tap water approx. 7.3~7.8ph

(It is always neutral by keeping pH from tap water, no matter how many times you push its button)


Every 6 month is required to replace. It is subject to water quality.

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Packaging & Shipping

6units a carton 

 Packing 64 x 35 x 54(cm) / 16kg  








Q: What is free radical and how hydrogen water effect on our body?  





Q. Is it okay to take large amount of hydrogen through hydrogen water?
A. Unlike oxygen which triggers an reaction of oxidation, intake of hydrogen is beneficial.
Because hydrogen doesn't diffuse in the body, extra hydrogen becomes gas and is
discharged by exhalation. Even you have lots of hydrogen, it is discharged through urine
and sweat.


Q. What's the taste of the hydrogen water?
A. Hydrogen is odorless, colorless material, the taste of hydrogen water doesn't change
compare to general water, but the water containing the hydrogen has fine particles, so it
is much softer and easy to swallow.


Q. What is expiration date of hydrogen water?
A. It is the best to drink the fresh hydrogen water which is form just now. Active hydrogen
itself is secure unless it is heated. It doesn't disappear easily, even though you don't
reduce the air, don't stir it or don't freeze it. But hydrogen is very light, it can disappear in
the air easily. So it's good to drink within 1~2 hours after making hydrogen water.


Q. Why do you need to drink hydrogen water?
A. Hydrogen water is helpful for the diseases because it eliminates only harmful oxygen
free radical, not beneficial oxygen. Contemporary human use health functional foods like
vitamin C, E, Polyphenol which is antioxidant production to deal with strong oxidizing
power of activated oxygen. These functional foods is also helpful for the health, but if
abundant hydrogen enters the body, it is resolved into atomic hydrogen, that is activated
hydrogen. This activated hydrogen combines with activated oxygen that causes all sorts of
diseases in the body in every moment, and then it is changed into water, it discharges
activated oxygen from the body.


Q. Can you use hydrogen water in your cooking?
A. If you place food ingredients in the hydrogen water, remained agricultural chemicals
disappear rapidly. It is more delicious when you cook with the hydrogen water. You can
cook the brown rice with hydrogen water for shorter time by penetrating of hydrogen. (it
shortens 6 hours into 1 hour) You can use in the various cooking. The hydrogen water is
boiled faster than the general water. But hydrogen disappears in the air as time passes,
it's better to drink hydrogen water when it is made to intake the hydrogen.


Q. Is hydrogen water safe for the pregnant women and babies?
A. Hydrogen water is the beneficial water contained plentiful dissolved hydrogen.
Anybody can drink safely. Your body can be purified and it strengthens your immunity. It
also build up your resistant. Experts opinion about the hydrogen water.






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