[IS-07] Car brush, wheel brush Japanese high quality soft and wide brush

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IS-07. Dream, Car Wash Brush
Long strip brush is suitable for a large size vehicles.
The brush tips are pre-split, so the brush become very soft-bristle with comfortable bounce feeling.
The wide brush surface with 230 mm length, the large surface can be washed very quickly and efficiently.

Do not use on delicate items as they might get micro scratches.
Please note that it may be damaged if excessive impact or force is applied. Also, do not use the product if it is damaged.
Wash the brush part thoroughly after use, and store it in a well-ventilated dry place after completely dried.
Do not store the product in a closed space such as car trunk nor the place around a fire near a fire or very high temperature place.

[Other Products]

IM-01 NEW YAMATO, Car Wash Brush
Excellent durability with several types of mixed hair

It is made of different types of mixed hair so this brush is stiff.
It has excellent cleaning performance against persistent dirt

74 x 152 x 392 mm
Mixed hair

IM-10. Shinano DX, Car Wash Brush
Mixed hair type with water hose connection - It removes stubborn stains !
This brush can be connected with water hose.
It has a sharp tip at the edge of the brush which is very useful to remove heavy mud on off road cars or agriculture vehicles.

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