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Glucose Meter System Set

Gmate Life blood glucose meters are one of the most modern and embody the advanced Korean developments in the field of electronics.

Despite its classic design and customary performance for consumers, the device has implemented such innovative developments as:

-software compensation of the patient's hematocrit level;
-multi-pulse system for monitoring the reaction of the enzyme solution;
-automatic linearity correction;
-automatic correction of "oxygen" corrections.
-automatic encoding;
-underfilling blood detector;
-time to get the result - no more than 5 seconds;
-memory for 500 measurements;
-no chip, coding or calibration required;
-has an unlimited warranty.

These technologies significantly improve the consumer properties of products.

Indications for use:
The Gmate Life Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for self-monitoring of glucose (sugar) levels in fresh capillary and / or venous blood samples taken from a finger, forearm, shoulder, palm, thigh or lower leg.

Analysis principle:
The principle of operation of the Gmate system is based on the determination of the change in the amount of current that occurs when glucose in the blood reacts with the reagents in the test strip. The amount of current changes depending on the amount of glucose in the blood. The glucose level is calculated using a complex algorithm by calculating multiple electrical impulses and the result is displayed on the meter display.

Gmate Life test strips allow high-precision measurement of blood glucose levels in accordance with GOST R ISO 15197-2015. The know-how is based on the interaction of the latest generation GDH FAD enzyme composition with a unique carbon paste composition for applying enzyme electrodes. Direct deliveries from the factory (without intermediaries) to pharmacy chains allow us to provide a competitive price for products at a premium level of quality.


Measurement method
Measurement time
from 3 to 5 sec
Sample volume
up to 0.4 μl
measurement range
0.6 - 33.3 mmol / l
in accordance with GOST R ISO 15197: 2015
Analyzed indicator
Shelf life
3 years


01 The Gmate Life blood glucose monitoring system is designed for testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostics).

02 The Gmate Life System uses only fresh capillary and / or venous blood. Do not use the Gmate Life meter for any other purpose.

03 For accurate and safe analysis, please read all instructions in the User Manual carefully before using the Gmate Life System.

04 Consult your doctor or other professional on how to use your meter correctly and manage your diabetes on a daily basis

05 Gmate Life Meter should only be used with Gmate Life Test Strips

06 Keep the Gmate Life meter out of the reach of children, as it contains small parts that may be harmful if swallowed

07 Comply with the disposal of system components, including lancets and test strips.

08 Do not take important medical action without first consulting your doctor and without preparation

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