Fructooligosaccharides вместо сахара в концентрат Bellflower Jeongseon минимизирует горький вкус воздушного цветка

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Product Overview


Product Description

KOREAN HERBAL SUPPLEMENT - Jeongseon Squeezed Balloonflower Concentrate is a product grown, manufactured directly using 100% pesticide-free farming.

HEALTH FOOD - Process all the 40 roots of the balloonflower into 420g of the Jeongseon Balloonflower Concentrate. Therefore, this product provides consumers with the opportunity to eat balloon flower, Korea's representative forest product, without destroying nutrients.

FAMILY VITAMIN – The manufacturer added fructooligosaccharides in place of sugar to the Jeongseon Bellflower Concentrate to minimize the bitter taste of balloonflower. Therefore, this product is suitable for family vitamins that can be taken not only by adults but also by young children.

ONE A DAY - We recommend you take 1 to 2 tea spoons a day. Boosts the immune system, energy and stamina, decrease fatigue, promotes healthy blood circulation.

HOW TO EAT - Here's a new way to take the solution for those who feel uncomfortable eating the Jeongseon Squeezed Balloonflower Concentrate. Balloon flower tea (made in a 4:1 with hot water), balloon flower latte (made in a 3:1 with cold water & ice), balloon flower yogurt (made in a 1 teaspoon with plain yogurt).


Product Type
Brand Name
Jeongseon arari farm
Model Number
Place of Origin
Primary Ingredient
Other, Ballon flower, fructooligosaccharides
Processing Type
Fresh-Squeezed, Squeezed
Weight (kg)
store this product at room temperature. Please keep it refrigerate after opening
Place of Origin
South Korea

Company Profile

Jeongseon arari farm / 정선아라리한과농원
Jeongseon Arari Farm Farm Agricultural Cooperative Corporation has been cultivating, harvesting, and producing the best raw materials with technical know-how through health research and development using local specialties since 2013. And we will be able to find health in various fields as we continue our 50-year tradition. Currently, the products are divided into undiluted solution, oriental medicine, medicinal herbs, and grain products, and are optimized to be used to life quickly with traditional foods and healthy foods. It is full of eco-friendly ingredients, clean hygiene, and sincerity with the intention of protecting the health of not only yourself but also your beloved family. I will do my best until everyone can enjoy a healthy life.


Manufacturing Technique

01. Harvesting balloonflower which are grown over 3 year
02. Washing several times
03. shredding the clean balloonflower
04. Jucing shredded balloonflower

05. Adding fructooligosaccharides in order to getting sweet taste after low-temperature ripening over 48 hours.
06. Packing after concentrating in low-temperature over 24 hours


Q) How to get a sample?
A) The clients are expected to pay for the sample fee and the courier cost

Q) How long is your delivery time?
A) Around 2 weeks

Q) What is terms of payment?
A) Payment term is 50%deposit before production, 50% balance before shipment.

Q) Can you do OEM / ODM?
A) Of course!! Welcome!!

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