Organic Fresh Chicken Table Eggs for Sale

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Eggs are rich in nutrients contains high quality protein and nine essential amino acids. They are good source of Choline. Choline is an important nutrient that helps to regulate the brain nervous sytem and cardiovascular system. It also contains the right kind of fat,
Our Eggs are produced in a natural and the most hygienic environment. Having vast experience in this industry, Elanza follow the best practices and methodologies which have resulted in getting good number of customers.




Farm Fresh  Shell Eggs


47 to 49 gm / 50 to 52 gm / 53 to 55 gm

Shelf Life

6 months (if refrigerated under 3 to 5 degree Celsius)



Our Fresh Chicken eggs are grouped into two based on the color of shell. Each group shall be described as follows:
1. Whites – All eggs have a standard chalky white tolerating the very light cream tints.
2. Browns – All eggs are apparently brown including the dark cream tints and any variation in the shade of brown eggshell.
Each group is divided into seven classes based on weight (grams per egg) of each egg in group. Its different from US weight classes.

Jumbo = 70 and up
Extra large = 65-70
Large = 60-65
Medium = 55-60
Small = 50-55
Pullets = 45-50
Pewee = 40-45

Packing :-
30 eggs laid in a tray.
Such 12 tray in a Carton.
Totally 360 eggs per carton.

Load ability:-
1312 cartons in a 40 FT
Totally 472320 Eggs.



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