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Enjoy the rich, delicious flavor and briny aroma of authentic abalone from the Toba-Shima area.

Isobue Abalone

The sea around Ise-Shima and its vast kelp forests are famous for high quality abalone, which has been supplied to the Imperial Court and Shinto shrines since ancient times. Each natural abalone is packed with the flavor of the sea, carefully harvested by hand from the picturesque sea floor by traditional divers.

The word “isobue” in “Isobue Abalone” comes from the whistling sound traditional divers make when breathing on a dive, and it was selected as one of the 100 Sounds of Japan.

This beautiful sound of Ise-Shima is accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

We gave it the name Isobue Abalone in the hope that you will enjoy the briny aroma, firm texture, and rich savory flavor, as well as evoke a sense of Ise-Shima and the sound of isobue.

Live natural abalone are cooked whole with the liver intact via a special method, and carefully prepared by hand so that you can taste the deliciousness of the ingredients. Enjoy the rich savory flavor of abalone with every bite.

It already has a soy sauce-based flavoring, so you can just slice and serve.

Serving Instructions
Remove the liver, cut the meat into slices of an appropriate thickness, and enjoy.
Even kids love this tender, additive-free natural food product.
Storage Instructions
This is an additive-free natural food product, so be sure to store it in the refrigerator, and consume it as quickly as possible.

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