Сделано в Италии, крахмал из нейтрального риса, 200 г, уход за кожей ребенка Silvana, не вызывает раздражения и успокаивает детскую ванну

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Neutral Rice Starch
Rice starch is obtained by processing rice grains. It is an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties and is particularly suitable in summer to soothe and refresh the skin of the child and allows a gentle cleansing in respect of the natural defenses of the skin. The bath with rice starch is also useful in case of sunburn, sunburn and other dermatitis.

How To Use

Rice starch is easily soluble in hot water and is used by dissolving two tablespoons of starch in the infant’s bowl.


Company Profile

Our story begins in 1939, it is not only the story of a company, it is the story of thousands of children who grew up letting
themselves be pampered by our fragrances. There are scents, so sweet in the memory, to awaken the memories of childhood. Our products are all developed in Italy, created with passion for quality, because beauty is our tradition. In 1939 our laboratory, at the request of the Pediatric Clinic of Naples, formulated a completely natural galenic preparation that was much appreciated by the pediatric class of those years and by the mothers. In the past, as they did not have the modern medicines, university researchers thought that a preparation to be included in the bath and that it carried out actions for the cure of the cold and to reconcile the sleep of cooled infants was a good solution. For this purpose, a product containing extracts and oils of vegetable origin was developed and given the name "Silvana vials". There were years, from 1939 to 1946, during which this preparation was supplied only to the pediatric clinic of Naples and was not a consumer product that could be purchased in the pharmacy. But given the success of its benefits in 1946 began its marketing together with other cosmetic products, such as pampering bath and a detergent without rinsing. We believe in those ancient Galenic preparations that did not foresee the use of complex and sometimes
aggressive formulations for the skin of children. Today our family products also includes creams, bath bombs, rice starch and much more to take care of the delicate skin of children from the early months.

Why Choose Us

All our baby care and hygiene products are made in Italy, they are 100% natural and super delicate. They are ideal to use from the birth of the child to protect his skin from external aggressions, irritation and redness.


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