Сода, сделанная в Италии, непреодолимое, 200 мл

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The juice and pulp of excellent Sicilian lemons give this refreshing soft drink its distinctly sour flavour and Mediterranean taste.
A great "Unmissable" LIMONATA to enjoy with ice in your favourite cocktail!
Ideal for mixing with "white" spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs.
Perfect for mixing classic aperitifs and long drinks.

Ingredients and nutrition information

Water, 16% lemon juice from concentrate, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural lemon flavouring, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Recipe suitable for EU and US markets.
US labels on request.

Product packaging

12 wrap for Restaurant Chains and Large-Scale Distribution Channel

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Company Profile

Our goals
Fava Bibite has been operating for over 60 years in agri-food sector, producing CARBONATED SOFT DRINKS and LOW ALCOHOL DRINKS.
Our factory is based around lake Como region in northern Italy, with a covered surface of 10.000 square meters over an area fully surrounded by the green forest in the Brughiera natural park.
We apply all scientific, technological, and professional skills to constantly improve and preserve safety, quality, organoleptic
and biological properties of our beverages.

Our style, between tradition and innovation

Our style
Over the years, Fava Bibite has been able to deal in a timely and innovative way with the growing interest in craft beverages that preserve the nutritional and functional characteristics of natural products, maintaining the traditional Italian quality.

Our voluntary certifications
The company is a SEDEX member, certified BRC Food Standard and Organic according to EU Reg. n. 834/2007.

Quality tradition and cutting-edge food technologies
Tradition, experience, and knowledge of Fava Bibite team are available for the implementation of beverage ideas with customized formulations.
Imagination that innovates, creates, and develops with the modern food technologies ideal flavors, better colors, and perfect sensations.
Thanks to our know-how and R&D division, we are specialized in the high-end quality production combining the best ingredients with highest filling technology, making the most innovative craft drinks, free from preservatives or any kind of additives, able to create all natural or organic beverages.

To obtain higher quality drinks.

Distinguishing features

Main offers
Our company has a modern plant with high production frequencies, specialized in exclusives eco-friendly glass and aluminum bottlings, in sizes from 100 mL to 1 Liter: thanks to the 2 highly efficient, reliable, and automated bottling lines, we manufacture hot, cold, carbonated, non-carbonated, alcoholic, low proof alcohol and non-alcoholic fills.
We have the productive potential necessary to meet the requirements of the leading international companies, including the most important worldwide retailers and offering private label service.
Main customers
Fava Bibite is the best commercial partner of the most important and qualified companies in the beverage sector, showing seriousness and guarantee of product safety, competence and speed in the services offered.
Currently authorized contract filler for Diageo, Bacardi-Martini and for many primary retailers, we ship in all EU, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, South Korea, Japan, Central and South America.

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