Gluten Free Natural Vanilla Flavor, Double Fold (2X)

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Natural Vanilla Flavor, Double Fold (2X)
This gluten free Natural Vanilla Flavor derives more 50% of its flavor from real vanilla beans. The remaining flavor comes from natural botanical extractives. Pure cane sugar is used to make our alcohol, not wheat, soy, or corn. All of our vanilla extracts and flavors are gluten-free.  This gluten free vanilla flavor is a cost effective, all natural alternative to pure vanilla extract and can be directly substituted for it. It is gluten, corn and soy free. This Double Fold flavor has twice the concentration of the Single Fold version.


Place of Origin
Pure Vanilla Flavor
Brand Name
Singing Dog Vanilla
Model Number
208.2 L 55 US Gallon)

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Company Profile

The Beginning
Bill Wiedmann and Marty Parisien came up with the idea for this organic vanilla business while working together assisting farmers with marketing, finance, and productivity improvements. Marty had read a book by Seth Godin called Purple Cow . On page 107 of that book Seth writes, “But vanilla is boring. You can’t build a fast-growing company around vanilla.” When he read that Marty thought, “What a great idea! Build a company around vanilla” (Yes, if you read the whole book you will see that we did take those lines a bit out of context). Around that same time, Bill was introduced to a village in Papua New Guinea that grows vanilla. We decided to build a vanilla company that shares profits with vanilla farmers and employees, while creating clean label vanilla products for our fans.

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