Top quality industrial pressure transducer MIDA-SG-12P-12-H with nipple port, pressure transducer transmitter

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Top quality industrial pressure transducer MIDA-SG-12P-12-H with nipple port, pressure transducer transmitter

MIDA-SG-12P-12-H pressure transmitters with nipple port are designed for work at temperature of measured medium from -40 to +300 and at temperature of electronics surrounding air from -40 to +80,
with spaced-apart construction the sensing element and electronics spaced and bridged with a cable

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Since 1991 Industrial group "Microelectronic sensors" (IG MIDA) develops and produces microelectronic pressure transmitters and related devices.

transmitters and transducers development is based on profound original investigations of piezoresistive effect in "Silicon-on-Sapphire" (SOS) heteroepitaxial semiconductor structures carried out in Russia in 1970-80s which resulted in a series of Russian pressure measuring systems (Sapphire, Sapphire-22, Metran, etc.). The main technical concepts derived from these investigations have been patented in Russia, USA, France and Germany. Currently IG MIDAs efforts are aimed at further enhancing of pressure measurement potentialities on the basis of SOS sensitive elements, improving sensors accuracy and stability, reducing their weight and dimensions.

The first device produced by IG MIDA in 1991 in cooperation with other manufacturers was a series of compact industrial gage pressure transmitters MIDA-GP-01 with pressure ranges from 0.16 MPa to 160 MPa, accuracy of 0.5 % and 1 % and operating temperature range from -40 to +80 C.

Today IG MIDA has continuous production technological cycle of pressure sensors and other devices (except sensing element, which is produced by specialized companies according to the documentation of IG MIDA). IG MIDA produces about thirty types of industrial and special transmitters and more than twenty types of transducers for gage and absolute pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, gage pressure - vacuum, the total number of transmitters and transducers modifications exceeding eighteen thousand. The upper limit of pressure measurement varies from 4 kPa to 250 MPa, the devices accuracy is from 0.1 % to 0.5 %, and operating temperature range from - 200 to +350 C.

Working life of our devices is 12 years, guaranty working time is 2 and 3 years, calibration period is 3 and 5 years.

Every transducer model has its modification for hazardous processes (intrinsic-safe electrical circuit or and flame-proof casing).

IG MIDA also develops and produces DC power supplies, DC power supplies with safety barriers and intrinsic safe barriers for sensors installed in hazardous conditions, as well as digital indicators of pressure and other physical quantities, surge voltage protection device designed to protect the instrumentation from the powerful electric pulses.

MIDA devices for many years successfully work in oil and gas production and gas transportation sectors, energetics (including nuclear power plants), metallurgy, chemistry, public utilities, energy accounting systems - more than 3.000 enterprises in Russia in more than 400 cities use MIDA pressure transducers and other devices. MIDA products are appreciated by clients in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltic countries. Since 1995 MIDA transducers are exported to the United States, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, India, China, South Korea.

MIDA steadily increases the range and quality of devices produced, adapting them to the demands of the customers and improving the accuracy, stability and reliability of products. As an example we may tell that tests, carried out in USA, showed that SOS pressure transducers characteristics do not change after 10 millions maximum pressure cycles; our own stability tests showed that after 200 temperature cycles in the range of -40 to +80 C during a year the accuracy change for industrial pressure transmitters was less than 0.2 % FS.


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